Lennox Coffee Roasters, Harlem, NYC

On the corner of 129th and Lennox Ave in Harlem, you’ll find the Lennox Cafe hidden away. 

As soon as I arrived I went over and the lovely servers were great. After flying for 20+ hours I didn’t want to make decisions and they made them all for me. I needed a freshly squeezed OJ to pep me up and an everything bagel with plain cream cheese. 

I hadn’t got out any US cash yet and they were very sweet and gave me the two items even though I was slightly short. The next time I was back in I made sure I gave them a big tip. 

The second time I visited I got the deliciously fresh and sweet OJ and a raisin and cinnamon bagel with plain cream cheese. I was more decisive on this day! I took my bagel into the city on the subway and ate it on 34th street in one of the little parks. 


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