Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone live with the QLD Symphony Orchestra

What??? Yeah I know. It sounds weird. But it was awesome!

How does that even work?? Sooo, basically, the movie is played on a big screen with no music and the orchestra plays perfectly alongside it.

An intro clip to how the music for the film was created played at the beginning and you begin to grasp just how integral the music and sounds are to the movie. You already know, of course, but it gets drilled home. Ever watched a movie without sound?

The conductor was brilliant. She breezed in all calm and elegant-like and amped up the (sold out) theatre.

The Queensland Symphony Orchestra were so impressive that sometimes I would forget they were even there. Always right on cue and perfectly in tune. I rarely watch orchestras, it is very easy forget just how many instruments it takes to create just one sound or piece of music. Incredible talent.

The crowd really got into it, clapping and booing during different parts and some were even dressed up! There were a few full Harry Potter robes and some hats and scarves scattered around.

They are playing the second movie in October, I’ll be there for sure!

Who’s in?

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