Weren’t you Rachael’s Crazy World Before?

Yup I certainly was Rachael’s Crazy World before! The blog had been around a while. I’ve grown up, it’s grown up and it was time for a bit of an image update. Plus I ran out of hosting space on my free WordPress account. That’s when Wander Wonder Wonton was born!

Why Wander Wonder Wonton? It’s really very simple. These words represent the three ways I love to spend my time. I travel, I think, I eat.

Wander: I love to travel. And explore. I wonder around alllll the time. Around my neighborhood, around my city of Brisbane, around Australia, around New Zealand and around the world.

Wonder: I am endlessly curious about the world. This curiosity leaves me constantly wandering about… well, everything!

Wonton: I love to eat. Like, so, sooo much. I am already thinking about what I will have or where I will go for lunch and dinner before I even have breakfast. I love breaking bread and sharing a meal with company.

This blog originated as a space I could document and share my travels on my first trip to the USA. Back then it wasn’t easy to get a phone plan or data so I would write my blogs and post them at night or when I found wifi so I could remember my adventures and my parents could see what I was up to. But guess what?! They never bloody read it! Hilarious.

Most of all, I like having a space where I can keep memoirs of my life, my travel adventures, what I eat and share them with you guys. I don’t mind if nobody even reads my blogs, but I’m grateful if you do! Thank you for sharing my world with me.

Shout out to my housemate, Developer Dave, who helped me with the changes!

What do you think of the new name and layout for Wander Wonder Wonton?
I would love to hear your thoughts.

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