Weren’t you Rachael’s Crazy World Before?

Yup I certainly was Rachael’s Crazy World before! The blog had been around a while. I’ve grown up, it’s grown up and it was time for a bit of an image update. Plus I ran out of hosting space on my free WordPress account. That’s when Wander Wonder Wonton was born!

Why Wander Wonder Wonton? It’s really very simple. These words represent the three ways I love to spend my time. I travel, I think, I eat.

Wander: I love to travel. And explore. I wonder around alllll the time. Around my neighborhood, around my city of Brisbane, around Australia, around New Zealand and around the world.

Wonder: I am endlessly curious about the world. This curiosity leaves me constantly wandering about… well, everything!

Wonton: I love to eat. Like, so, sooo much. I am already thinking about what I will have or where I will go for lunch and dinner before I even have breakfast. I love breaking bread and sharing a meal with company.

This blog originated as a space I could document and share my travels on my first trip to the USA. Back then it wasn’t easy to get a phone plan or data so I would write my blogs and post them at night or when I found wifi so I could remember my adventures and my parents could see what I was up to. But guess what?! They never bloody read it! Hilarious.

Most of all, I like having a space where I can keep memoirs of my life, my travel adventures, what I eat and share them with you guys. I don’t mind if nobody even reads my blogs, but I’m grateful if you do! Thank you for sharing my world with me.

Shout out to my housemate, Developer Dave, who helped me with the changes!

What do you think of the new name and layout for Wander Wonder Wonton?
I would love to hear your thoughts.

Guest bloggin’

I must say I’m a little excited to have done my first guest blog!

I went to Twitter (naturally) to find activities for a rainy day to take my visiting friend to around Melbourne. Really Melbourne jumped to the task and rounded up a bunch of responses for me from their followers as well as providing some themselves. They then asked me to share my experience of the weekend with a guest blog on their site. Thanks, Team! 🙂

You can find it HERE.

Really Melbourne

Canada – one week in

I’ve been super lazy with my blogging considering I have nothing else I have to do!

A week has passed in Canada already. I actually feel like I have been here longer than that.

With the sun setting at 10pm the days are long. So much time for activities!

So far I have…
– walked the entire edge of Stanley Park – 10km in all
– attempted to blade Stanley Park – a terrible decision
– got lost in the city
– met up with friends – Carso, Maegy, Chris and made some friends – Merica, Christina, Jackson and Toby.
– visited the aquarium
– watched the sunset on English Bay
– visited Granville Island Markets
– had a night out
– done some promo work for a nightclub
– had an interview with Steve Nash Fitness
– looked at an apartment I love
– eaten out a little too often
– got back to exercising regularly

Many activities. Most of my time is taken up walking and searching Craigslist. Looking for apartments and jobs.

I’ve found a few jobs I like so far that I have applied for in the digi world but competition is fierce here. I have been looking into some promo work to keep me occupied and make some friends.

I found an amazing apartment. It’s really nice and the chick who lives there is just lovely. Se teaches yoga and works in marketing. It has the most incredible views you’ve seen in your life. Right across the ocean to the mountains and over Stanley Park. But that’s because it’s on the 18th floor and I’m not sure if I want to live that high. I cant find anything else half as decent for the same rate or in West End. Decisions, decisions.

Suppose I better get up and into my activities!












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