Shrubs & Chutneys Sundays

I had the lucky fortune of a few bottles of Currong Comestibles shrubs and chutneys showing up in my mail! How great is it to get mail that isn’t a bill?

What’s a shrub you ask? Shrub – is derived from the Persian (sharāb, “wine”) and Arabic word sharāb meaning “to drink”. These vinegar drinks are refreshing and the ideal addition to cocktails, which obviously, I enjoy drinking.

I’ve been experimenting with different ways to use them over the past week – they’re really diverse. I’ve been adding the riberry shrub to my soda water for a little something different. The viergary but sweet syrup packs a punch and will be a perfect refreshing drink in summer. I have plans to try out some cocktails with them soon – any ideas? And then there’s the dessert option too… mmm.

The chutney, (I’m sure you all know what that is) has been sitting pretty on my cheese boards. It’s a lovely contrast with a soft cheese so the spicy riberry flavor really shines through. I’m looking forward to trying the rainforest lime chutney next.

Today I had sudden inspiration to add the chutney to my sandwich. Fresh bread, jamon, camembert, spinach, mustard and Currong Comestible’s spicy riberry chutney made for a scrumptious (and somewhat healthy) lunch.

My favorite things about these products? They use indigenous plants and they are sustainable – the chutney is created using the leftover fruit from the shrubs. Plus it’s a local small business.

I highly recommend trying the shrubs, particularly if you’re into mixing cocktails. I can see these bad boys being picked up by a hotel chain soon for a signature cocktail with unique flavour, a great story and sustainable manufacturing processes.

*We are lucky to work with some wonderful brands. While these products were complimentary, this review is completely authentic and true.

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