All the things I didn’t do this weekend

I had the best weekend! And I didn’t achieve 90% of this things I had planned to do. Which is a great thing – I am attempting to relax more.

Friday I had great intentions to head out.. until I got home and my friend took too long to respond so I sat down and eventually my bra came off, and that was game set match! No going out after that. I got cosy on the couch and watched Chips, a hilarious movie about Californian motorcycle cops.

Saturday I went to Thai Touch for a massage with a friend then we went for a juice. I decided to head to the city (this part wasn’t so great) and walked to the ferry.. which I missed by a minute. So I deliberated over waiting for the next ferry or driving in and decided to power walk to the other ferry knowing I only had ten mins to get there. Not only did I fail, I got mammoth blisters in the process. Then I had to walk home (blisters rubbing, so sore) in said shoes, change them and decide on taking the next ferry or driving in. So I drive in and waddaya know? My fave parking spot was blocked off. I’m still driving a giant ute (thanks Mitsi) and I spent approx 30mins looking for a park. I got one, guess where?! At the ferry terminal where I could have arrived had I taken the boat over. Ha! Quite funny I thought.

I shopped, found a dress for a gala next week and bought an stunning Chanel mascara. Counter ladies were fab and they did my eyes for me. Both a blessing and a curse, I needed to wash my hair but didn’t want to ruin my make up! Hallelujah for dry shampoo.

Jill and I went to Fat Dumpling (where I’d made a booking for their other restaurant- face palm) with a bottle of Moët for Moët Day – had to be done. Dumplings were great. Champagne was great. We continued on to APO for a cocktail then Eleven rooftop. We had planned to go to some other bars however good times came into play and we staggered out at 2.30am. Straighhht to the pizza place downstairs. And I mean stagger, my feet were killing me!

I slept in on Sunday, met Jill for brunch at Riverbar (hilariously I missed the f#%king ferry again – I couldn’t find my bag and it left just as I arrived. Ubered) where we lapped up the beautiful sunshine. Days like that really remind me how bloody lucky I am to be living in such a phenomenal city with the best weather. 23degrees in winter! More on that later.

Went shopping, bought a dress, felt more and more average (hellooo hangover) and finally went home via ferry! Yehaa! Managed to cut my leg pretty good on the walk there on the strawberry container that stabbed me on the way. Felt the sticky blood running down and pulling the bag to me.

Got home and get this, winter, yeah? I put my bikini on and sunbathed on a beanbag on my balcony for two hours! F#%king delightful. I then napped. Also lovely. And skipped yoga (hangover headache still hanging in there), Kim came over for a night walk where we admired more of Brisbane’s beauty and then I made us a delicious and healthy stir fry. Followed that up with a spa and then read a chapter of my book.

Excellent weekend. Happy days.

Here’s a list of some of the things I didn’t do this weekend I was supposed to:

  • Catch the ferry (times three)
  • Do the city loop
  • Make a booking at the RIGHT restaurant
  • Yoga
  • Plan my next holiday (what up Turks & Caicos)
  • Work on my taxes (gahh)
  • Set up a new business account
  • Some consulting planning
  • Set up a Twitter for this blog
  • Find the card I bought my brother for his birthday
  • Change my sheets

The list goes on. BUT I don’t give a damn, because I felt so happy.
Lesson: sometimes you should just relaxxx.

Hope y’all had a great weekend too!

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