Taro’s Truffle Ramen – It’s back!

A limited edition, delightfully decadent dish that comes out of Taro’s Ramen Kitchen for only a month or so each year.

I first tried it last year, I went back again this year and I will be back again next year!

Taro’s Truffle Ramen is created with not one, but three layers of truffle ingredients!

I’l let Taro’s describe their own special dish as per their Facebook:

1) Fettucine style truffle noodles
2) Terrabianca Olio Tartufo
3) Freshly shaved Manjimup Truffles

As a massive fan of both ramen and truffles, you can imagine my excitement each July when it is in season!

I love when the ramen is bought over and they shave the truffles over the steaming broth in front of you. The aroma’s swirl upwards and your mouth begins to water.

Finally it’s time to devour the beautiful truffle ramen. The broth, the whisky cream, the fettucine and the truffles all blend beautifully together. And that egg, yumm.

I can’t wait until next year! $30 bloody well spent.

Taro's Ramen Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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