How & Where to Party in St Martin like a Pro

While it looks like a relaxing tropical paradise (and it certainly is), St Martin is also party central! Those Caribbeans certainly know how to have a good time.

We literally had not even left the luggage collection point when a promoter approached us with free entry and bar tickets for two of the clubs. There’s always something going on.

There’s happy hours every which way you look on the island but all the clubs are in Maho. So if you want to just party, I suggest you stay around there. I met some girls who go there every year just to party! A cab from Simpson Bay is approx. $15-20USD each way, unfortunately the buses stop running late.

You don’t want to even think about going out to the clubs until after 11pm. They don’t even open until then. We went out at 12am and nothing really picked up until approximately 1am. When it did pick up though, it was awesome! The music pumps and it’s Caribbean party time!

Here’s my ideas of where to go to party in St Martin:
Tuesday nightSoggy Dollar Bar
Wednesday nightTantra
Thursday night3 Amigo’s
Friday & Saturday night – anywhere in Maho or Simpson Bay goes. Dirty Sanchez and Sky Bar are popular.
Sunday night – Sunset Beach Bar for an afternoon pool party session

Jab Jab’s party boat was super fun, a shuttle boat leaves from Simpson Bay between the Simpson Bay Suites and Royal Palm Hotel. There’s a sign on the sand and a the ferry takes you over to the boat where the music is pumping and the drinks are flowing! There was a huge amount of locals on the boat as well as a few tourists. Other boats pull up, there’s a BBQ and a dance floor with a DJ rockin’ out the tunes – what more could you want?! Great place for sunset cocktails and pre drinks before the clubs.

Ladies (Men too I bet) I’m sure you’ll be happy to know there’s a lot to swipe through on Tinder! There’s a large doctor’s college on the island with a steady flow of American students ready and willing to party every night. They’re a great local source of knowledge for where to go and where to eat too. That’s how I found out about the boat party.

So pack your party clothes and get ready to drink that rum punch, baby!

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