Pho-nomenal Vietnamese Eats

Soooo…. did I mention I was going to Vietnam?? Probably not. I only booked about ten days before I left.

Pho-nomenal Vietnamese eats – get it? Pho… I have been making ridiculous puns ever since I got here – it’s mainly to distract from the fact that I am eating a stupid amount of pho, but hey! Who’s watching?! Good pho you…

I generally start my day with pho – it’s a breakfast / any time of the day meal here. I’m an addict. I love it! Rare pho bo (beef) is my happy place. The herbs are so fragrant and flavoursome here it makes it all the better. The beef can be a little touch and go though…

Pho costs approx… $3AUD. Yeahhh that’s a great deal. I’ve spent next to nothing on food since I arrived six days or so ago.

So I’ve been trying to branch out and eat some other Vietnamese food. Banh Mi was next on the list. I found a great place in District 2 in Ho Chi Minh and had devoured the crispy baguette with bbq pork and salad – ommm. They had just swept the floor – I stood up and crumbs flew everywhere!!! Haha – sorry Banh Mi 365 Team!

Today I tried a duck and bamboo soup with vermicelli for breakfast at Costa Seafood in Nha Trang, it was pretty good – I love the bamboo. Didn’t really eat the duck.

What’s your favourite Vietnamese food? What should I try? I’ve had some comments on Instagram and apparently Banh Cuon Nong (rice pancakes with pork & mushroom insides) and Bun Cha are delicious. I’m having trouble finding them in Nha Trang so will have to be back in Saigon.

Ho Chi Minh is up next – let me know your favourite dishes and restaurants to chase!

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