Could This Be Melbourne’s Best Xiao Long Bao?

I loooove XLB. Xiao long bao are those freaking tasty soup dumplings. Delicious pockets of goodness.

Soooo my hotel in Melbourne CBD was evacuated for fire for four hours and I became really sick of standing around outside in the cold. I meandered off and found Mr Huang Jin. I think I have been here before, many years ago. I have vague recollections.

I ordered a green tea (I was freezing) and the steamed chilli pork xiao long bao.


Great dumpling wrapper. Not too thick, not too thin. LOTS of soup – my favourite. I hate a dry XLB. Feels like you’ve been cheated. The chilli pork was a great combo. I’d love to try their two other flavours – a plain XLB & a laksa!

They use a different type of vinegar to what I’m used to. They’re usually served with a black vinegar but these came with a Taiwanese vinegar that was lighter and almost a little tangy. I added a tiny splash of soy and the fresh ginger always complements the flavours.

Most people don’t know how to eat XLB, there’s an etiquette you know?! So, you pick them up with your chopsticks & place them on your spoon. Then you bite off the top and blow to cool down the soup. Then you seal your mouth around the top and slurp up the soup! Next, you dip them in the vinegar sauce with fresh ginger and devour! Mmmm

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