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I’ve been enjoying some Sparkling Sisters wine from Riversands Winery in St George, Queensland. They have recently launched their 2019 Sparkling Sisters, which is a semi-sweet sparkling, which I prefer lightly chilled and generally with an antipasto platter.

What’s also cool is that the design of the label comes from the artwork painted by Rosie Jones and commissioned by Riversands owners David and Alison Blacket. Rosie is Alison’s sister and she and her siblings grew up at “Bendemere” near the small town of Yuleba in South West Queensland (I borrowed that recap from their website). Hence the name and label, Sparkling Sisters.

When I told my Mum about the origins of the name, she loved it and that was enough to get her interested so when I packed my bags to visit NZ (carry-on might I add) I added in two bottles. She was delighted and we enjoyed the wine with our lovely friend, Jo.

The Sparkling Sisters is described on the Riversands Wine website as; “Be uplifted by this wine’s blush pink colour, rose petal & strawberry aromas and refreshing semi-sweet finish. Try with an antipasto platter or fresh berries and crepes. Serve lightly chilled (10°C) as a light lunchtime style. Enjoy now as a fragrant sparkling wine.”

You can check out their website and buy the wine here.

I’m hoping to visit the winery one day (when I find some free time) and do a tour and visit the nearby cotton farms too. If you want to join, yell out!

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