Kamo Kamo Soup (Kumi Kumi)

Kamo Kamo Soup | Kamo Kamo or Kumi Kumi is a New Zealand vegetable that is kind of like zucchini (courgette) crossed with squash or pumpkin. Fortunately for us in lockdown, they are thriving in the garden and growing non-stop. And they’re massive! We usually boil them and they taste like melting butter. Delicious. Just add salt and pepper! That said, I’ve been finding new ways to cook them and I thought I’d give a go at creating a Kamo Kamo soup, similar to how I would make a pumpkin soup.

Here’s what you’ll need;

  • 1 HUGE Kamo Kamo, seeds removed and chopped into medium sized pieces (or two-three medium-sized ones)
  • Half an onion chopped (or a whole one if you feel like it)
  • 4 cups of water (or pre-made stock)
  • Stock to your taste (I used chicken powdered stock – 1tsp to 1 cup)
  • A handful of bacon or ham chopped
  • Salt and pepper to flavour

I’ve never been one to stick to recipes. I just throw things together and see what happens. Want to add garlic? Go for it. Want to add in a herb – go for your life. Add more onion or bacon, add other seasonings – use your intuition but don’t blame me if it doesn’t taste as good!

The method is easy. Fry the onion and bacon (both chopped) in a large saucepan in a little oil. Once brown, add in the water, stock and the chopped Kamo Kamo. Leave to boil about 20-30mins until soft and then either mash or blitz the mixture with a hand mixer. I gave it about 15 mins after that on a low heat for the flavours to move throughout the dish. I was happy to have mine slightly chunky with the skin, ham, and onion still prominent in the soup. If you prefer a smooth soup, blend away. It probably took around an hour in total.

The Kamo Kamo soup is super tasty. Very much like a pumpkin/ butternut soup, although a little milder in flavor and like you’ve added a huge dollop of butter. The mixture makes enough for about eight large bowls of soup. Serve it with some parsley sprinkled on top, a little parmesan and with crusty bread for extra-deliciousness. I have even been making GF bread in lockdown to attempt to somewhat stick to my FODMAP diet too.

I am going to try stuffed Kamo Kamo this week as well as roasting. Any more ideas welcome – they are growing like crazy!


4 thoughts on “Kamo Kamo Soup (Kumi Kumi)”

  1. Thank you. Mine have also done very well this year. First time growing them and I won’t be growing zucchini ever again. These are better tasting and lots more to love! Try making them into fritters by grating them up. I also spiralize them and turn them into veggie noodles and as a pasta substitute. They freeze well this way also. Look up Kamokamo pickle recipe. Beautiful as crackers and cheese condiment.

    • My pleasure! Oooh yum I will have to try the fritters! Wouldn’t have thought of veg noodles either – thank you!

  2. I’ve made Kamo kamo peeled, cut in blocks, tossed through olive oil, then put it in airfryer for 10 min on 170, then toss, airfry for another 10 min. It’s delicious, hot or cold. Creamy chunks of charred on the outside kamo kamo nuggets, delish.

    Then I have also cooked up some kamo kamo, drain water, add butter, brown sugar, cinnamon and bit lemon juice and cook and stir till it becomes almost caramelly, very yum.

    Kamo kamo chopped, put layer in baking dish, put seasoning over, pour fresh cream over, fewchunks of butter, some parmesan cheese through it, bake covered on 180 for and hour or till soft and cream has thickened.

    • Oh my gosh, that all sounds delicious!!
      Love the idea of making it caramely I could imagine that.
      I wonder if a miso-honey paste on it and baked could also go well…. ?
      So versatile!


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