COVID-19 clusterf%*k – Yesterday I left the house!

Yesterday* I left the house!

Yup. For the first time in over six weeks, I hopped in a car (!) and we drove (out of the gate on the road!) about 1-2minutes up the road to a quieter rural road. Mind-blowing, genuinely insanely exciting, riveting stuff.

Who would have thought a few months ago that I would be writing a blog about leaving the house to visit another road nearby and it would be an extraordinary event??! Madness. But that’s the reality of COVID-19 for me.

So what did I do? Something totally mundane but exceptionally beneficial and then found the best surprise of all.

Man, I’m really building this up. I hope you guys forgive me when you realise how boring what I actually did do is- ha!

So my brother and I drove down the road to go for a run. It was freezing but the countryside was beautiful and peaceful and I needed to get some exercise in.

And what was the surprise? I found baby cows! Otherwise known as, calves. I saw them from far away in their paddock and I called out to them (I speak cow – just kidding), and they came running over until they were about 6m away. I attempted to bribe them with grass and then I pretended to ignore them (also works great with men & dating FYI), and slowly but surely they came right over and I got to pat and feed a few.

If you haven’t worked this out by now, I LOVE cows. They make me so incredibly happy. Some people like cats or dogs, I love cows. I want to pat them, hug them, feed them, love them.

I was so consumed with the cows I forgot my brother was waiting at the car for me in the freezing cold… and I had the keys. Bahaha, sorry Dan.

*It wasn’t actually yesterday.. but five days ago didn’t really have the same impact.

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