COVID-19 Clusterf%*k Part Five, ‘Normal’

Here’s my personal recount of my experience during COVID-19. I write this so I can look back on it in the future and think wow, that sh*t was cray. I am so, so pleased it never happened again.

I’m a bit late to the party with this one. ‘Normal’ life has resumed for me and with it the busy-ness that surrounds it.

Normal, however, looks very different. The whole scenario is very surreal. I left Aus for a quick joint across the ditch (four days to be precise), and nearly five months later, I am still in NZ, when I usually live in Australia. I have moved out of my apartment in Brisbane, sold my car and my furniture. I’m nomadic at a time when I thought I would be buying a house, a new car, finding a boyfriend (maybe) and setting down roots. Best laid plans go astray, so they say.

Normal currently consists of a lot of work remotely and for NZ businesses, and trying to explore New Zealand whenever the opportunity presents itself. Last weekend I was in Queenstown, this week Wellington and later this month, Auckland again. I am reveling in spending time with friends and family that I usually snatch moments with. I also seem to be acclimatising, I’ll quite happily sit outside now at 4 degrees which not so long ago that was a ridiculous concept. I miss my friends, I miss the sunshine, I miss my things but I know very well again that I am in a very privileged position.

Normal is not how so many of my friends are living. Those in Victoria are doing it tough, along with a number of friends in NZ, other parts of Aus and further afield overseas. I am constantly aware of how lucky we are in New Zeland and of my personal situation, including the ability to work and pivot my business and am incredibly grateful.

So, how did I move out while in another country? With a sh*t-tonne of help from f*&king fantastic friends. I am very, very grateful to my friends who went and helped to pack up my house. As someone who is very independent, it was really challenging to ask for so much help. I felt like I was burdening everyone and I couldn’t wait for it to be over. My things are now spread across a few friends, all safe-guards to my precious items. Thank you to any of you who may be reading this.

I sold my furniture as it was easier than asking friends to pull it apart, move it and store it. The prospect of new furniture in the future is exciting and I hope those who purchased enjoy their bargains! The car I should have sold ages ago, I barely use it and have been eyeing up other models for some time. I do think this period has fast-forwarded some of the decisions I would have eventually needed to make and allowed me to focus on other areas where I may not have for some time either.

I must admit, I do find it difficult to share my scenario as I know times are so tough and challenging for others.

Please note; I am incredibly grateful to the essential workers and front-liners who have kept our nations going. I acknowledge this is a tough time for so many people, this is a personal recount to look back on when COVID-19 is something kids learn about in history.

2 thoughts on “COVID-19 Clusterf%*k Part Five, ‘Normal’”

  1. Wow Rachael…you have surely put everything in place quickly. Must of been hard for you emotionally. I enjoy your posts emensley and I like how you have moved forward to make the most of these uncertain times. It’s truly wonderful to see family and friends. Fun and laughter abounds during your time here. Enjoy 😊 as you definitely are. Take care. Jeanie. Xx

    • It has been tough, just have to concentrate on the good things and what you’re grateful for! Would love to see you soon xx


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