1154 Pastaria, Wellington – Fresh Pasta Daily!

I was so, so stoked to find 1154 Pastaria in Wellington on Cuba Street.
I looove fresh pasta. Not fancy, not expensive, just fresh and delicious. I haven’t been able to find any yet in NZ so you can imagine my excitement. I was super happy to come across a place that does not only fresh pasta, but also fantastic natural wines! And by the glass!

I’m actually sitting here in the restaurant writing this – that’s how happy and excited I am. I ordered the pasta of the day at the sweet price of $21. Many of the other mains are around $16.
I also ordered the red wine of the day (oh yes – happy dance!) a beautiful fruity Gamay, and then also tried the Sangiovese which had a lot more depth and also amazing.

My pasta was Rigatoni with Guanciale & fennel in tomato sauce with confit garlic & chili, parmesan & parsley. The freshly made pasta was perfectly al-dente, a generous serve and incredibly rich and flavorsome. I actually tried to take my time eating it because it was so delicious and I didn’t’ want it to end. I also had a bread roll side which you should also get. You don’t need it, but did you really need the pasta and the wine anyway? It will make you happy. It is soft and fluffy with a crunchy, herb-crust. Yum!!! Perfect for mopping up any leftover sauce. Yes, I was that person last night!!

Eleven Fifty Four
The earliest clear reference we have to dry pasta is in a book completed in 1154 by al-Idsri, the Arab court photographer of the Norman King of Sicily, Roger II, who described a pasta he encountered in Sicily, made from flour and formed into long strings.

Definitely add this one to your lists, people. I’ll be back to 1154 Pastaria as often as my waistline can handle. I can see more running in my future.

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