Catalyst Kitchen| Dunedin

Luckily for me, Catalyst Kitchen in Dunedin was on my list (yes I have a list everywhere I go of places I want to eat) and right by my hotel. I went in with the intention to have something other than eggs bene.. maybe granola or porridge or something. But nope, the waitress came over and I’d ordered an eggs bene without knowing it!

I had the green eggs bene with house-made GF seeded loaf, brocollini, mushrooms, and a side of bacon. My eyes were waaay too big for my stomach and I couldn’t eat much of the bacon! It was delicious, the shrooms a beautiful earthy flavor, and a great tangy bene sauce.

I also ordered a green juice, a proper green juice – was very refreshing. I find so often the juices are super average from a bottle topped up with lots of apple etc. 

I would definitely go back, try another juice, and maybe not an eggs bene. But, maybe too. Haha.
Oh, and they had delicious-looking treats in their cabinet! Yummmm!

An insight into their vision from their website;

“At Catalyst we provide a space for mindful eating and conscious consuming, hoping to inspire healthier communities by connecting people to real food.

We do our best to source sustainable, local, organic, spray free and free range wholefoods. All of our food is free from dairy, preservatives, additives and ingredients that we believe shouldn’t really be there. By making nearly everything in house, we have the control of what ingredients go into each dish, how those ingredients are packaged and where they come from.

We work hard to re-purpose, reuse and recycle as much as we can. Our food scraps, coffee grinds, napkins and paper towels are collected 3× a week by Doubt Not (@doubt_not_compost) to be turned into rich bio-active compost.”

Random fact: I learned the cool dried flower arrangements are created and updated by the owner’s aunt – it’s her passion project. 

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