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I found King Made Noodles in Queenstown by accident, I simply walked past them. Anywhere that has a sign with ‘‘hand-pulled noodles’ will capture my attention! I’m a sucker for noodles regardless but when they’re homemade and hand-pulled, they are just next level.

After a little deliberation, I ordered their traditional soup (beef with hand-pulled noodles) and dumplings. I planned (and did) to take half home for another meal. I’ve eaten so much gluten and food on these trips that I need to start watching what I am consuming!

The restaurant is a new looking fit-out and the quality was good but was lacking in atmosphere. The waitress wasn’t very interested and the chef didn’t fling the noodles about, as the videos everywhere show they do. I feel like it could be epic if they lifted their game on this.

The broth of the soup was delicious. Full of Chinese herbs which I won’t attempt to identify.. let’s just say it was flavorsome and I really enjoyed it. The noodles were an awesome, soft but al-dente texture and had taken on a bit of the broth taste – so good. Then there was random green veg and the beef. Overall a delicious meal and would be perfect on a really cool day to warm up. They deliver too for those who have spent the day on a ski field and leaving the hotel is way too hard.

The dumplings aren’t worth much of a mention. They tasted like frozen Gyoza from a bag… which is what I suspect they were. I don’t advise getting them. They say hand-made online but not instore, and they looked nothing like the ones on the online menu. Quite disappointing, would have been an excellent add on, especially with the great black vinegar and chilli they have on the tables!

I am considering going back this week to King Made Noodles for their dry mince noodles… watch this space.

King Made Noodles - Queenstown 金味德蘭州牛肉麵 - 皇后鎮店 Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

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