COVID Clusterf%*k | Part Ten

I’ve been back in Brisbane for over 7 weeks now and things are finally coming together.

I’m enjoying my house, it feels more homely now it has furniture, people and pups in it. My flatmate and her puppy are lovely company. My friends come and visit. I’ve made a few changes – hello kitchen pendant lights. I’m finally finding myself wanting to chill at home.

I’m actually writing this on the way back from NZ. I’ve spent the last week here visiting my family and it’s been lovely. My Dad was recently put on oxygen so I also wanted to check out his new accessories. I’ll be back in three weeks again (this plan fell apart – read about it here) to spend time with them and for Dan’s (my brother) 30th birthday in Queenstown. Knowing I’ll be back soon and the bubble is open makes it easier to leave.

My car is waiting in my garage. My fab friends Ka Lei and Kieran picked it up for me. Kieran also saw my house before I did – wonder what’s next? Maybe a boat..
Anyway it will be great to be mobile again. First up – get my own groceries and head to yoga!

My new Weber (BBQ) is also sitting ready to be put together on my balcony! I’d live off eating off a BBQ. Delicious.

I travel to Sydney once a month to see clients but I’m careful to avoid public transport / mass exposure sites just in case there’s a COVID outbreak so I can still freely travel to NZ.

I’m hoping that the Aus & NZ bubble will extend to Raro soon and I can disappear there for a long weekend. Currently, you have to spend 14 days in NZ before you can enter Raro, and 14 days in NZ again on return before you can head back to Australia.

I’m getting my COVID jab this week too. I have a heart condition and hypertension (neither of which have much impact on my life, except I can’t skydive, dive or go on rollercoasters anymore) which makes me eligible early. Also living with an immune-compromised person (my Dad when I’m in NZ) makes me eligible.

I find traveling between Australia and New Zealand quite unnerving and overwhelming. Each time I enter the international airport and it’s so empty, the shops and restaurants are closed and everything is quiet, I remember how reserved and removed we are from the impacts of COVID that many other countries are still experiencing. I also think of all the people whose lives changed forever due to the pandemic for various reasons.

I can’t wait to be able to travel again. I dream of Texas and Europe (mainly eating seafood in sun-drenched locations like Greece or Italy) but Mexico will be my first stop. One of my besties, Amanda lives there and I can’t wait to see her…. And lie by crystal clear waters with a coconut, margarita, some guacamole, ceviche and tacos. That will be happy times!

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