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Love anime? Then you’ll love Turned Anime and their anime portraits!
For those of you who aren’t familiar with anime, it is a style of Japanese film and television animation, typically aimed at adults as well as children.

The Turned Anime website turns you (or your friends) into the character & style of your fave anime. From Dragon Ball Z, to Pokemon, Avatar The Last Airbender, Demon Slayer, and everything in between! You can choose an anime portrait, half body, or full body and can have as many people and pets as you’d like to include.

I chose Dragon Ball Z and Pokemon for my anime portraits, both with my puppies featured for some fun!

In the first Pokemon animation the artists had made my hair green, just like Mallow (the character I wanted my anime to resemble), but I felt like it didn’t look like me enough with it like that so I had it changed back to my brown bob – they nailed it.

My friends have also had artworks created, and not just anime. They had Harry Potter, Marvel, Star Wars and Lord of The Rings artworks created too – their artists are amazing. They’ve chosen the best artists from around the world to create your artwork, to get your masterpiece just right. I love how they captured me and the puppies’ characteristics from the pics I sent through.

How does it work to get Turned Anime? Here’s the info from their site:

    Choose from our list, tell us what you want or just show us!
    Shoulders & face (portrait) is perfect for your anime profile picture /avatar
    Our talented artists can create a wide range of anime styles
    What do you want in your artwork? Upload your pics – you, friends, pets!
    Your artwork will be digital, and will be emailed to you
    From your ideas our artists will bring your vision to life!
    Quick turnaround – get your design back within 5-9 working days!

Highly recommend getting Turned Anime!
PS. Makes an awesome gift too

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