Bribie Island Sunset Escape

I wanted to have an adventure on Saturday. 

I was working the almost the whole weekend so I wanted to do something fun on my afternoon off. I persuaded Ka Lei into coming and we hit the road about 3.

It’s about 1.5hours from Brisbane, an easy drive. On the way we stopped at the local general store for strawberries… It had a great variety of local produce… So we ended up walking out with a whole box! 

Armed with passion fruit and oysters we found a spot along the beach to watch the sunset. 

We wandered along the shore, poking the jellyfish and Ka Lei practiced her circle drawing skills in the sand. Very relevant and important skillset to possess of course. 

With no knife we used our ingenuity to cut the lemon and passion fruit with the oyster shells. That didn’t last too long before we were savagely ripping them apart. 

Next trip: Glasshouse Mountains. Can’t wait! 

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