Bribie Island Sunset Escape

I wanted to have an adventure on Saturday. 

I was working the almost the whole weekend so I wanted to do something fun on my afternoon off. I persuaded Ka Lei into coming and we hit the road about 3.

It’s about 1.5hours from Brisbane, an easy drive. On the way we stopped at the local general store for strawberries… It had a great variety of local produce… So we ended up walking out with a whole box! 

Armed with passion fruit and oysters we found a spot along the beach to watch the sunset. 

We wandered along the shore, poking the jellyfish and Ka Lei practiced her circle drawing skills in the sand. Very relevant and important skillset to possess of course. 

With no knife we used our ingenuity to cut the lemon and passion fruit with the oyster shells. That didn’t last too long before we were savagely ripping them apart. 

Next trip: Glasshouse Mountains. Can’t wait! 

Hawaii Day Four

I took a day off from tours to recover. Spent the day wondering around Waikiki and my friend Linby arrived at lunch! Really excited to have a friend here.

We went to the Ala Moana Mall for lunch – it’s the 15th biggest in the US and its MASSIVE! I can’t imagine how big the other 15 are.

Lunch was awesome – I had a poke plate – raw tuna with salad and rice. Delicious – I could eat it every meal.

By the time we got of the pink trolley home it was time to get ready for our sunset cruise.

Beautiful evening out on the water, apart from for the few who were spewing overboard from sea sickness. Haha I shouldn’t laugh but it was a little comical.

We watched the sunset on the boat then the Hilton had their Friday night fireworks. They were awesome!

Back on land, Hard Rock Cafe was our first stop for cocktails and nibbles. Great live music as cool ceiling guitar display.

Walking to the next bar we got totally distracted shopping and were kicked out of Victoria’s Secret as they had closed 10mins earlier at 11pm.

Dukes was pretty quiet around midnight so we were off home for a decent sleep before tomorrow’s adventures










Hawaii Day One

Paradise. I can’t explain it better.

I love this place!

I arrived at 11pm last night. My hotel room is huge and has a nice view. I was straight to sleep, excited to see Hawaii in the light of day!

I had a huge, full on day. Woke up at 9.30, walked to the beach. First thing I wanted to see! I wanted to have breakfast on the waterfront but the first few I arrived at weren’t doing it so I found some takeaway fruit. Sat down and made friends with a local who works at the beach. Nice guy, told me all they do is work, smoke weed and listen to music. That’s typical island life evidently.

Went for a walk around the beach, found some markets to browse and had my first experience of someone yelling ‘Hey Kiwi’ at me. Turns out he was from New York – so no idea how he aced that one but now lives here. We chatted for a bit and he asked for my number so I gave him my USA one thinking I would top it up later.

Lunch was amazing. Cool locations, Jimmy Buffetts. Great service. I had a tuna ahi salad and a mai tai mmm

Visited Apple to get my phone fixed – no luck, just a reset required. Nearly bought everything in Bebe but resisted.

Strolled around, got talked into a pedi – I was gonna get one anyway. Hilarious Vietnamese lady telling me not to get in a relationship before 30.

Walked around some more and a guy chases me down the street – he said he just had to say hello. Haha. Sweet guy, working on a video clip here with his cousins, from Brooklyn. Gave him my USA number. Said maybe I’d meet him for a drink later..

Went back to hotel, I’d run out of money! Had a mini nap and applied the back up on my phone.

Realised I had no plans for next week so went and booked some tours to keep me busy. Went for another huge walk and watched the sunset on the beach before settling in to watch a traditional show.

Met another guy walking back, he said ‘I must say, you look phenomenal in those shorts’ and I was all – Hello accent. Nice guy, he added me on Facebook.

Just went to get my dinner, the ramen place I had picked out seems to be the most popular in Waikiki! Line went for miles. Screw that, I was hungry. Passed a taco place, Surf N Turf Waikiki, so I had fresh fish tacos with guacamole. Thank goodness I did – it was amazing!!!

So, funny story, gave my US number to those boys and turns out it was inactive! Oops.

Have not the slightest clue how, but all the locals seem to know in Kiwi. The amount of times I’ve heard ‘Hey Kiwi’ or ‘Aotearoa’ today is crazy… I look just like any other tourist here!

Back to the hotel for a drink at the bar before bed.

6.50am pick up in the morning!








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