Taupo on a platter

I have accomplished to eat at both the restaurants I set out to – The Bantry & The Plateau.

Both were fantastic.

Last night at The Bantry I went with the Crab Cake for my entree which was really average and I wouldn’t recommend. It was rather doughy and not very crabby.

My main was delightful though – pork belly confit with a smooth kumara purée.

Service was great – attentive waiter with a sense of humor.

Oh! And the elderberry & apple cider was beautiful.

Tonight we dined at The Plateau. Again, great service. I had pan seared scallops on a cauliflower purée with bacon which was just mouth watering. Cooked to perfection. My main was a chilli, lime & coriander prawn linguine. I’m not sure they were prawns – I’d call them shrimp. It was lovely but slightly sickening after a while. Very strong sauce.

All in all great dining experiences!





Taupo Holidaying

We are heading to Taupo on Monday for 3 nights! Whooooop!

Kim, Dad, Mum and I will head up north in pursuit of good food, fine wine and adventure. Can’t wait!

I so far have two restaurants I would like to go to – The Brantry and The Plateau. Both sound delicious. I found them on TripAdvisor and googled their menus. 

I will leave my parents in charge of the fine wine, they have great taste. 

And as for adventure, a Taupo ‘Cliff Hanger’ – an extreme swing is looking pretty good. So is the Rapids Jet. Maybe a skinny dip in Lake Taupo – def classed as adventurous in this freezing weather! 

What’s your favourite activity or place to eat in Taupo??

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