Four more sleeps

The countdown is on. In four more sleeps I will be leaving New Zealand and embarking on my adventure to Hawaii and Vancouver.

I am really sad to be leaving New Zealand. I have been having such a fantastic time and it saddens me to leave my family knowing I may not see them again for up to a year. That will be the longest time I have spent apart from them. Thank goodness for skype, viber and iPhone’s!!

So while I am sad I am also incredibly excited. I have always wanted to visit Hawaii. It seems like a magical place. Touristy, but magical. I will be travelling alone but I don’t mind. 8 days in paradise, I’m sure I can make some friends.

THEN the big adventure begins. My visa has come through and I am moving to Vancouver for a year. Having never been to Vancouver, or Canada, I am super excited to get there and have a look around my home for the next year. I have rented a place in Coal Harbour for the first 3 weeks and I will take things from there.

Working in Digital Marketing, I really, REALLY want to maintain my skills and stay in my field. It changes so fast. Fingers crossed I can find a role in an industry I am passionate about while staying in digital. Wish me luck!!

And now to attempt to sleep, while my mind is racing of my new adventures.

Sweet Dreams!

Taupo Holidaying

We are heading to Taupo on Monday for 3 nights! Whooooop!

Kim, Dad, Mum and I will head up north in pursuit of good food, fine wine and adventure. Can’t wait!

I so far have two restaurants I would like to go to – The Brantry and The Plateau. Both sound delicious. I found them on TripAdvisor and googled their menus. 

I will leave my parents in charge of the fine wine, they have great taste. 

And as for adventure, a Taupo ‘Cliff Hanger’ – an extreme swing is looking pretty good. So is the Rapids Jet. Maybe a skinny dip in Lake Taupo – def classed as adventurous in this freezing weather! 

What’s your favourite activity or place to eat in Taupo??

I’m home

My blogs will probably become a bit sporadic over the next month.

I have arrived at home in Feilding, New Zealand. We have dial up, don’t really need to say much more do I? It took me about an hour just to get here. Okay slight exxageration but I accept all sympthy and empathy votes towards my current realm of frustration!

I actaully live a bit out of Feilding on a farmlet. We have cows and dogs, chickens and ducks. Lots of native bush, rolling hills. It’s all beautiful and green.

On day two of my month long stay here my brother and I managed to put our 1200cc buggy through the fence.. sorry, Dad! It wasn’t even that slippery. Eeek.

Anyway, forgive me for my absence 🙂

Photo: Oops! Sorry, Dad!
Home only 2 days out of 30 and whoops.

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