I’m home

My blogs will probably become a bit sporadic over the next month.

I have arrived at home in Feilding, New Zealand. We have dial up, don’t really need to say much more do I? It took me about an hour just to get here. Okay slight exxageration but I accept all sympthy and empathy votes towards my current realm of frustration!

I actaully live a bit out of Feilding on a farmlet. We have cows and dogs, chickens and ducks. Lots of native bush, rolling hills. It’s all beautiful and green.

On day two of my month long stay here my brother and I managed to put our 1200cc buggy through the fence.. sorry, Dad! It wasn’t even that slippery. Eeek.

Anyway, forgive me for my absence 🙂

Photo: Oops! Sorry, Dad!
Home only 2 days out of 30 and whoops.

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