Little India Restaurant | Palmerston North

What a great find Little India Restaurant Palmerston North was! As soon as we walked in I was surprised by the modern fit-out, it just wasn’t what I was expecting. A lovely lady greeted us warmly and found a table.

I love their menu, it’s like a book (beautiful, thick, glossy pages) and it tells the story of the restaurant, with recipes from their Grandmother. Check out the pic for the story or click here.

The lady who served us was wonderful. She helped me to choose the wine (a nice and juicy Pinot Noir) and again with our meal selections, explaining the dishes to us and about Indian cooking and their Chef. Excellent service the whole way through dining.

We ordered the mixed platter entree to begin. I couldn’t believe the amount of food that came out! An excellent option if you like to try a bit of everything. There were vege samosas, onion bhaji, tandoori chicken and lamb skewers (Barra Kebab) – delicious! Loved the mint sauce with the meats and bhaji and the mango chutney with the popadoms.

Honestly, I was nearly full at that point.

Then came out mains. A deliciously creamy chicken korma for Mum (traditionally a mild dish cooked in a creamy sauce, made of almond paste, cream and spices. Kashmiri) and a Chicken Saagwala (an abundance of spinach, cooked with tomatoes, ginger, garlic and spices) for me which was beautiful and creamy and rich. We shared rice and garlic naan. The food was just delicious. Rich and flavorsome just as you would expect with great Indian.

We couldn’t eat too much of them though as we were so full! So we ended up packing it up to take home for lunch – it was delicious the next day too.

The service was fantastic the whole way through, we were constantly checked on to ensure we were happy, if we needed anything or had any questions. There’s some cool booths at the back and as you walk in that would be great for drinks and snacks and bigger parties.

I didn’t even know it was there, tucked away by China Inn on Broadway. Great find and highly recommend a visit to Little India Restaurant if you’re in Palmerston North!

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A quick jaunt over the ditch 

I managed to find flights back home for the long weekend for only $305 return – I’d have been crazy not to go home! 

I love going back to NZ and even though I was only back a month before this trip, I hadn’t been back to my home since Christmas. That’s 6 months without cows – sorry about all the photos. 

I got in at midnight thurs/ fri morning and stayed at my brother, Daniel’s place in Welly. I walked to work with him in the morning & was lucky enough to get a glimpse of the Club Lounge at the Intercontinental in Wellington where he works in marketing. I met my Uncle at Chamelon Restaurant there for breakfast before jumping on a bus back to Palmy. 

Mum met me at the bus stop and I was straight home to see my Dad and then out to the paddock to see the calves.  That was pretty much all I did over the whole weekend – spend time with my family and the cows. 
Friday night I was lucky enough that my fave NZ band, Six60 was playing at my hometown. I went to the gig with my good friend Emma. The crowd managed to drink the bar dry by 8.30. Before the band even came on. Kiwi’s aye?! Not really – it was just piss poor planning by the organisers. Gig was awesome though. 

Sat my friend Kim arrived to stay with me for the rest of my time at home and my brothers, their GF’s and some mates came over for a BBQ. 

I FORGOT ABOUT THE OYSTERS. How dare I. I ate three dozen Bluff oysters. BEST oysters in the world and worth every penny. Yummmm.

The rest of the time we all just hung out. It was just what I wanted. 

Ha! Funny story. So… Kim & I left Mum in Palmy where we left for Wellington ready for my flight and Mum went home. By the time we got to Shannon Dad called. 

D: ‘Did you forget something?’ 

R: ‘Obviously I did but I have no idea what..’

D: ‘Your entire handbag AND PASSPORT is in your Mother’s car. 

R: ‘F#%k.’

So we had to turn around, drive back to palmy and wait for Mum to get back over from our place. Oops. 

Made it to Wellington in time for my (rescheduled) dinner where a fee of my lovely friends came out for a quick chat & Japanese. 

I was up at 2am Aus time to get to the airport and at work by 9.30am. That was a looong day. But definitely worth it. 


Happy Holidays

I’m running a bit behind with updates for my holidays!

I had the absolute best time in New Zealand for Christmas and New Years.

I spent the first five days at home in Feilding with my family and the cows. Christmas was a quiet affair until the evening when the neighbours joined and we got rowdy. Boxing Day we headed to the annual Palmerston North races which quickly escalated to a group of friends and I heading out for the night.

We rented an amazing house in Pauanui on the Coromandel Coast, where we have spent many holidays, for the next week. While Daniel (brother) flew out to Fiji to party it up on Beachcomber Island, my best mate Kim, my brother Luke’s mate Ben, myself, Luke and my parents headed north. We were met there by my Dad’s brother and his family and our family friends, the Davies and their family, including my beautiful Goddaughter. 16 of us in total!

When we are in Pauanui, life really revolves around only a few things: naps, champagne, the beach and food. Probably four of my favourite things!

The house was on a private airstrip with a hangar underneath and a balcony built for taking it all in. We watched the planes and helicopters flying all day long. The beach was only a few minutes walk away as was the tiny shopping centre.

We attempted fishing with no luck, not even a bite BUT! I did do the big walk up Mt Pauanui successfully on the morning of New Year’s Eve! It was tough towards the end but well worth the views.

I had such a good time that I actually balled my eyes out when I left. It’s pretty unusual for me to get upset when I fly out but I just didn’t want to leave. Lucky I got back and had a party that night and started work the day after so I had little time to dwell on anything!









































Arohanui Hospice Store – somebody’s trash is another’s treasure.

I’ve never been one for second hand/ vintage shops. I’m still not. BUT I do have a newfound appreciation for them. It’s so true that one persons trash is another’s treasure.

My Mum volunteers once a week at the Palmerston North Arohanui Hospice Store. All the workers are volunteers and the proceeds go to the upkeep of the hospice so it can remain free for terminally ill patients in the area.

One of the things I wanted to do while I was home was go do a shift with my Mum at the hospice store. I had no idea what I’d be doing and as an extra was just happy to do whatever they needed.

I spent my morning vacuuming dust out of the ridges in a mattress before graduating to tidying shelves and colour coding the clothes racks. Later on I cleaned up a huge cabinet that had been bought in and it sold immediately. Probs just my cleaning style that made it so attractive haha.

Mum mans the checkouts and really enjoys her time there. She loves meeting the customers and chatting with the other volunteers as well as having a look around the items in store when they are quiet.

There are many people that volunteer, from all walks of life. Mainly they are women and quite often have had some kind of interaction with the hospice.

It’s awesome to see people contribute and donate so much stuff to the store, not just personal items but businesses will also drop off unsold goods like shoes which can go a long way to helping someone who can’t afford a new pair usually.

Some people purchase the products to sell for a profit on (similar to ebay) but that’s fine, the hospice are happy with their sale prices and glad that it has sold.

If you’re ever in Palmerston North, pop in and have a look! It’s next to McDonalds on Rangitiki Street.

I’ll be cleaning out my room while I’m home so I can donate all my unused gear to the hospice 🙂






I’m home

My blogs will probably become a bit sporadic over the next month.

I have arrived at home in Feilding, New Zealand. We have dial up, don’t really need to say much more do I? It took me about an hour just to get here. Okay slight exxageration but I accept all sympthy and empathy votes towards my current realm of frustration!

I actaully live a bit out of Feilding on a farmlet. We have cows and dogs, chickens and ducks. Lots of native bush, rolling hills. It’s all beautiful and green.

On day two of my month long stay here my brother and I managed to put our 1200cc buggy through the fence.. sorry, Dad! It wasn’t even that slippery. Eeek.

Anyway, forgive me for my absence 🙂

Photo: Oops! Sorry, Dad!
Home only 2 days out of 30 and whoops.

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