A quick jaunt over the ditch 

I managed to find flights back home for the long weekend for only $305 return – I’d have been crazy not to go home! 

I love going back to NZ and even though I was only back a month before this trip, I hadn’t been back to my home since Christmas. That’s 6 months without cows – sorry about all the photos. 

I got in at midnight thurs/ fri morning and stayed at my brother, Daniel’s place in Welly. I walked to work with him in the morning & was lucky enough to get a glimpse of the Club Lounge at the Intercontinental in Wellington where he works in marketing. I met my Uncle at Chamelon Restaurant there for breakfast before jumping on a bus back to Palmy. 

Mum met me at the bus stop and I was straight home to see my Dad and then out to the paddock to see the calves.  That was pretty much all I did over the whole weekend – spend time with my family and the cows. 
Friday night I was lucky enough that my fave NZ band, Six60 was playing at my hometown. I went to the gig with my good friend Emma. The crowd managed to drink the bar dry by 8.30. Before the band even came on. Kiwi’s aye?! Not really – it was just piss poor planning by the organisers. Gig was awesome though. 

Sat my friend Kim arrived to stay with me for the rest of my time at home and my brothers, their GF’s and some mates came over for a BBQ. 

I FORGOT ABOUT THE OYSTERS. How dare I. I ate three dozen Bluff oysters. BEST oysters in the world and worth every penny. Yummmm.

The rest of the time we all just hung out. It was just what I wanted. 

Ha! Funny story. So… Kim & I left Mum in Palmy where we left for Wellington ready for my flight and Mum went home. By the time we got to Shannon Dad called. 

D: ‘Did you forget something?’ 

R: ‘Obviously I did but I have no idea what..’

D: ‘Your entire handbag AND PASSPORT is in your Mother’s car. 

R: ‘F#%k.’

So we had to turn around, drive back to palmy and wait for Mum to get back over from our place. Oops. 

Made it to Wellington in time for my (rescheduled) dinner where a fee of my lovely friends came out for a quick chat & Japanese. 

I was up at 2am Aus time to get to the airport and at work by 9.30am. That was a looong day. But definitely worth it. 


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