The Brunswick Project For Bloody Mary Eggs, New Farm

Bloody Mary scrambled eggs. Hmmm. A rather unique menu item at The Brunswick Project in New Farm, so I thought I would give it a go!

The plate is presented like any other scrambled eggs, toast but with chimmichurri, volcanic smoked salt shaved celery and, a small jug of Bloody Mary mix to pour over your eggs!

It was… different. Enjoyable but slightly overwhelming towards the end. I suggest pouring the mix a little over your eggs at a time so you can have a break if you feel like it.

It was a lovely spot sitting outside on the balcony in a bit of Queensland sunshine. Pet friendly too of course.

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Brisbane’s New Must-Dine City Restaurant: Motorwagen

Motorwagen is one of Brisbane city’s newest contemporary dining restaurants, sitting on Adelaide Street and is ticking all boxes. Well, all of my boxes. It has a fab fit out, incredible food, great wine list and excellent service.

I went in with some friends to explore their dinner menu (open Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings) and we were certainly impressed. What impressed me the most was the thought and effort that had gone into each dish. They have a focus to make everything in-house. As well, all produce comes from within a 20km radius, minus the Tin Can Bay whiting and the Glass House Mountain chicken. Even the dishware is local with ceramic plates from Grit Ceramics.

The venue itself is divine. It’s industrial – think exposed brick, concrete, wood with touches of muted gold & marble to glam the rooms up and very clean lines. The garden bar is perfect for after work drinks and out the back there’s a fantastic private dining room.

So, of course you want to know what we ate! I’ve made a list for you as we went a little crazy, wanting to try everything! The cuisine is modern with a European influence, led by Chef Shane Lurie.

  • Crispy spiced fish wing, guac, blue cheese mayo
  • Confit chicken croquette, romesco
  • Chicken liver pate, baby figs, crusty bread
  • Swordfish numus, purple horseradish, cucumber, creamy avocado
  • Summer watermelon and fetta salad with pickled cabbage, beetroot, seeds and walnut
  • Slow cooked Sovereign lamb shoulder, smokey eggplant yoghurt, cous cous and almonds
  • Herb crusted Tin Can Bay whiting and pipis, asparagus, summer squash, peas and warm tartare
  • Gnocchi, Noosa earth mushrooms, peas, broad beans, grana
  • Coconut cotton cake, burnt pineapple, mango gel, strawberry, basil
  • Buttermilk panacotta, elderflower poached peach, blue berry, pistachio, meringue

The absolute stand out dish for me was the swordfish numus (similar to ceviche – pickled in citrus) with purple horseradish, cucumber, creamy avocado. Honestly, I was making ‘mmm’ sounds without even realising. All the elements of this dish come together with the perfectly fresh and firm fish. So fresh and pleasant with the herbs – it’s a must-have menu item.

Joedy suggested the fried fish wings… I must admit I was dubious… but they surprised me! The flesh was beautiful and soft, falling away from the bone. The spices and crunchiness made the dish all the more delicious. And I tried the fins! They were actually delicious. Kind of like crackling. Try them, I dare you.

The confit chicken croquette was beautiful, delicate and flavoursome .The pate is just how you imagine pate to taste like. Creamy, delicate – it didn’t last long between us.

The watermelon salad was lovely and fresh to break all the flavours between our small and bigger plates and the slow roasted beetroots really made the dish. Again, you notice the effort that goes into every dish.

The Tin Can Bay whiting was also a favourite on our table, the fish again, perfectly falling away, succulent and fresh.

Then came dessert! The coconut cake was my favourite… until I tried the buttermilk pannacotta!!

We spent a large amount of time with our host Miriam, learning how to say Ruinart with proper French pronunciation… I think we almost got there in the end! She was a great sport. We also chose some beautiful bottles of vino (you’ll see them in the gallery below) to pair with our meal and Joedy was helpful in guiding us too.

Motorwagen only opened it’s doors a few months ago. I think this hidden gem will only go from strength to strength as more people experience this dining. I’ve heard lunch and breakfast (and coffee) is also excellent so I hope to visit again soon to try them!

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*While this dining experience was complimentary, this review is true and authentic. We spent a fair amount on the wine list and can’t wait to go back. 

Wow Dumplings, West End Brisbane

Well, wow isn’t exactly how I’d describe Wow Dumpling to be honest.

I’d had this West End restaurant on my list for some time and a colleague of mine, Sandra and I snuck out for a quick lunch to try them.

Wow Dumplings is hidden away on Vulture Street, a small eatery with a couple of tables inside and out. I’m fairly sure there was one person working the front and back as she was the only outwardly facing contact, kept disappearing out the back and wait times were long. There was a limited menu and limited seating – it’s not set for big scale service.

We tried the Malaysian laksa wontons poached in soup. They were nice at first bite but the flavour became quite overwhelming after a while. Too rich with the wontons.

Next up? A handmade ramen dry noodle.. thing.  Szechuan Noodle Bowl. It was quite nice but again the flavour was a bit overpowering after a few mouthfuls.

The weird thing I found was that there was no soy, chilli or black vinegar on the tables to mix your dumplings in. They were simply served as is. I could definitely have gone for some vinegar.

Their simple pork dumplings (and vegetarian for Sandra) – the poached dumplings in szechuan chilli sauce were quite nice but not worth going back for. I’d rather go to New Shanghai, Little Red Dumpling or Fat Dumpling any day.

Where’s your favourite stop for dumplings in Brisbane? I want to try Fat Noodle next, apparently they have good xiao long bao.

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Musseling in at King Crab Co, Bulimba

I’ve been waiting for (what feels like) a looong time to visit King Crab Co in Bulimba. I’ve seen all the foodies there and their fabulous food. There’s a couple of crab houses in Brisbane now and I feel like it’s my duty to go in and try them all. So I couldn’t wait to get in and try this one for myself!

I made the right decision (I had no idea at the time) right off the bat. It was mussel night! Each Tuesday they have 1kg pot of mussels for only $15 when you buy a drink. Oh-my-life. The white wine marinara sauce was what dreams are made of. As much as I was loving the mussels, I couldn’t wait to finish too so I could soak my bread in the sauce… it was soo delicious. The mussels were fresh from SA that morning – just do yourself a favour and try them. If you go, you’ll probably see me there too, I intend to go back time and time again for these!

My photo of the mussels just didn’t do them justice so I’ve borrowed the one below from their Facebook page.

We had other food too. It’s not all about the mussels, people. Delicious corn on the cob with shichimi togarashi, and delicious fries before the main course of crab. We choose truffle and parmesan fries but it was tough with choices like shichimi togarashi and chilli and molten cheese in the mix.

Obviously you can’t go to a crab house without eating crab (although I really want to try the lobster roll for lunch), right? We spoke to the team and they recommended the spanner crab. It had came in fresh that morning from Fraser Island. Spanner crab’s shells are a lot softer than other crabs. It made for much easier eating, you simply break the body in half with your hands and you can start pulling out that delicious flesh. The legs on the other hand aren’t quite so easy but as I always say, with crab half the satisfaction comes from breaking and cracking and working to get your food. Something fairly primal about the task that makes it even more satisfying.

Oh the sauce!!! On recommendation we went with the Singapore chilli sauce with the crab, and yes, I recommend you do too!

The crab is served in a bag (again, my pictures really don’t do these delicious crustaceans any justice) and you get the adorable bib (Instagram opportunity, anyone?) and all the tools for cracking and smashing and gloves for alllll the mess you will make. So much mess. Not really fun unless it’s messy though, is it?

King Crab Co has SOFI Spritz on tap, I tried the blood orange & bitters spritz – it wasn’t too sweet which is what I am always worried about. Something nice and refreshing to add to the mix.

If you’re around Bulimba (or even if you’re not) definitely check this place out. I will be back again soon. I want to try the ceviche as well as the lobster rolls.. and more crab and mussels! Yum!

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*While this dining experience was complimentary, this review is true and authentic.

Amazing New Menu at Lady Marmalade Cafe Stones Corner

Lady Marmalade Cafe had sneak peeks of their new menu on Instagram… I immediately made note to go in and visit!

Here’s the strange thing, I had never been before. My work is just around the corner from Lady Marmalade Cafe in Stones corner (I’m in the Gabba) and yet I hadn’t visited – mind blowing as it is now my new fave and local!

When I arrived I met Sonja who owns the cafe with her partner Howard and their passion and excitement for the cafe and the food is absolutely infectious. Sonja told us the story of how they found their new Chef and I love it too much not to share. So they found themselves in a position where they needed a new head Chef and Howard asked Sonja if she could choose any Chef, who would be be? Well the answer was Victor from Sirromet who previously owned the cafe they used to dine regularly at when they married. Two days later, Victor applied. Needless to say he took the job and now has full control of the menu and is creating beautiful, fresh and creative options with premium ingredients.

How do I know they’re premium? Well I ate there for starters but you’ll remember by adoration of Casa Motta and Alessandro who taught us how to make mozarella a few months ago. Alessandro makes the burrata for the parma at the cafe fresh each day. A-mazing.

Lady Marmalade is bigger than I expected. Heaps of space inside and out. The place was pumping for a Saturday late lunch at 1.45pm – goes to show it’s good. As does the chorus of ‘yummm’, and ‘this is amazing’ from all the diners.

Our juices arrived, with recycled bamboo straws. Adorable and deliciously refreshing and zesty. Also, love the glassware from the lady marmalade French era that the cafe has taken its style influence from. I want some for home.

Back to the food. The Burrata was sooo incredibly fresh. Delicate and subtle and just divine with the truffle honey and prosciutto. Great quality ingredients. Refreshing salad mm. Highly recommend.

The porcini gnocchi is amazing. I didn’t realise that the gnocchi itself would have the procini in it which was a lovely surprise and unique flavour. The crunch from the chestnuts and sage leaves was perfect and the sauce was delicate and pumpkin-y.

Sooo I was full. And so was Dave. But that apple pie french toast was calling our name for desert so it took little convincing for us to give in. Once you pour on the sweet, sweet salted caramel sauce, inside is the amazing stewed apples and oh my life! Just give it a go yourself.

This was one of my favourite reviews so far. I loved the passion on Sonja, the energy of the cafe and obviously the food was incredible. You have to try the new menu! I will be back for both breakfast (served all day) and lunch items. The coconut creamed rice, ricotta buttermilk pancakes, local cuttlefish and seared scallops are calling my name!

Let me know your faves when you head in to Lady Marmalade Cafe.

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*While this dining experience was complimentary, this blog is true and authentic. I just love the place and can’t wait to go back and try the rest of their menu. 

Looking For Winter Comfort Food, Head To Vapiano Garden City

I visited Vapiano at Garden City to check out their new Yumderland menu!

Specifically, I was there to try the new hearty pumpkin soup. Everyone knows that Queenslanders can’t handle the cold very well, so it should come as no surprise that we start hunting out our favourite comforting winter foods. Pumpkin soup and pasta are definitely that for me.

I was impressed at how busy Vapiano was for a Sunday evening. The place was packed with groups celebrating at the newest Vapiano restaurant.

Anyway, back to the food! I ordered the pumpkin soup to start, and the Gamberi pasta; prawns, tomatoes, spring onion in their homemade tomato sauce. The soup was creamy in texture (they put the cream on the side for me as I am lactose intolerant) and full of flavour. The croutons were sooo good at the end all soaked in the soup but still slightly crunchy, mmm. I at the entire bowl in about two seconds flat. A bit later my pasta came out (you have to order pasta at Vapiano, it is made fresh on site!), beautifully cooked, a lovely, rich tomato sauce and lots of prawns, al-dente of course. Dave tried a pizza and a mojito and gave rave reviews.

Did you know that you can also buy fresh pasta from Vapiano? I didn’t! I took home two packets and they were amazing! Perfectly fresh and al-dente, highly recommend grabbing a pack or two on your way out the door.

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*While this dining experience was complimentary, this review is true and authentic.

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