Delicious steak at Bakehouse Steakhouse, Ipswich

Will drive 49 minutes for steak…. Well to Bakehouse Steakhouse in Ipswich anyway – it’s totes worth it.

My friend Bolliwood, who used to live in Ipswich had heard rumors about a great steak restaurant there. So we drove from Brisbane to check out Bakehouse Steakhouse and see what the fuss was about.

It was stunning inside. From the moment we walked through the adorable candy-pink door and I saw the ‘press for champagne’ bell – I knew we were in a good place. The interior design is beautiful. The candy pink theme continues inside with a stunning European-looking bar (it’s the arches that do it) to a cute dessert station all captured in a beautiful old brick building with a lovely courtyard outside. Even the bathrooms were cute with brass taps.

I was very tempted by the wine and cocktail menus…. however I am attempting to cut back post-holiday season so it was sparkling water for me. The Aperol was calling my name from those beautiful arch shelves in the bar too… anywho I resisted.

I would normally go for an eye fillet but instead decided on trying something different – the rib fillet on recommendation from the team there. All steaks come with salad and limitless chips – yup, limitless! I went with medium rare even though my preference is rare because by then I trusted the team’s suggestions. We also ordered the truffle mash (how could you not, really??) and some greens. Because we are healthy. Or at least pretending to be.

The steaks came out quickly and were beautiful and tender. Delicious and definitely worth the 49minute drive. Add to that the creamy and flavorsome truffle mash and we were happy as can be.

We will be back for sure and checking out more of the area. I hear there are fantastic donuts at the bakery…

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Mosconi – Fortitude Valley, Brisbane

We were all really excited to eat some pasta this weekend as after the holiday season we’ve been attempting to be less indulgent to save our figures. After looking at a few options for Italian dining around Brisbane we settled on Mosconi in Fortitude Valley.

The three of us arrived at the restaurant and oddly a guest who arrived after us was bought in from behind us and seated. We were taken upstairs to our table where two of the chairs had their legs down the hole in the floor at the edge of the mezzanine. The tables were crammed upstairs and it was a full house. Not a great start.

We had menus dropped at our table and upon seeing a different meal on another patron’s table we asked if there were specials – had we not asked we wouldn’t have been told them. The team weren’t very attentive.

The entrees at Mosconi were fantastic. Beef carpaccio and burrata. The burrata was my favourite – perfect with the yellow peach, tomato and basil pangrattato. Delicious.

We missed out on the pappardelle special as it had sold out already so we chose the butternut risotto and the lamb ragu tagliatelle and asparagus with Parmesan custard. We couldn’t decide on a third main meal so we decided we would get some cheese instead afterward.

I’m thankful we didn’t get the third main. Both mains and the asparagus were bland. Two of us stopped eating as it just wasn’t very good. Super disappointing considering the premium price point and our excitement to eat there.

It’s never nice writing negative reviews but it wouldn’t be fair to only share the good stuff.

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Jumbo Thai Brisbane – Modern Thai In The City

It’s about time Brisbane city had some nicer dining options if you ask me. Jumbo Thai has recently opened at the Embassy Chambers on Elizabeth Street, next to the Hilton and fulfils just that.

We received a warm welcome and menu recommendations – I immediately jumped on the dumpling reccommendation (obviously) with a glass of chardonnay. For wine lovers, there’s a fab wine list too.

The dumplings were Jumbo Thai’s signature butterfly pea flower steamed with sand crab – lovely and fresh, the crab not overpowering and of course, very insta-worthy with the slight purple the butterfly pea flower provides.

We also tried the bao buns with soft shell crab, ginger & chilli mayo. The bao was fresh and springy (bao can so easily be overdone), the crab crispy and a nice ontrast with the lettuce and spicy chilis.

I was feeling a little unwell (Brisbane winter weather got to me) so I tried the spicy Tom Yum soup with grilled scampi, scallops, mussels, squid & mushrooms for my main. Oh my, did it hit the spot! They missed the description that says ‘filled with spices, chilli, ginger and whole garlic cloves that will kick your cold to the sidewalk!’ Very generous serves of seafood with an exceptionally tasty Tom Yum soup filled with all the goodness you could desire. Quite possibly the best I have ever had.

The restaurant has a lovely fit-out, modern with Thai touches, the perfect spot for a corporate mid-week lunch or a nicer option for evening diners.

I look forward to going back and trying more of the menu… and wine list!

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Cheeky Poke, West End Brisbane- Fresh, Healthy, Quick!

Fresh, healthy and quick – three things I look for when I’m on the run! Cheeky Poke provided just that. 

I stopped by the Cheeky Poke Bar in West End in Brisbane for a quick bite with a friend. It’s a gorgeous setting with gardens, lights in the evening and a cool atmosphere.

There are loads of options to choose from, either from their pre-designed menu items or choosing your own. After a big day, I didn’t want to think about making my own so I just went with the tuna bowl and it was exactly what I was hoping for!

My bowl:
Tuna (GF) – Sashimi Tuna (Mooloolaba, QLD), Black Rice, Zucchini, Pickled Onion w/ Parsley, Cherry Tomatoes, Jalapenos, Edamame, Wasabi Ponzu, Tobiko, 64° Egg, Cheeky Nori, Sesame, Togarashi & Salt

The ponzu provides that beautiful tang I love with my poke, the tuna fresh and firm and the vegies perfect to keep me feeling like I’m getting my intake of greens! I also love the 64° Egg – I mixed the whole bowl in together and devoured it.

Great place for a healthy stop. Check out the menu HERE.

PS. My pic is horrendus and overexposed from using flash as it was dark! The real thing is much better looking.


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Delicious Dumplings At Fat Dumpling Bowen Hills

I love dumplings. You guys know that! Fat Dumpling Bowen Hills is no exception

Megan and I went to Victoria Park to attempt to hit some balls at the driving range. She did a great job, and well, I was there. So obviously we went for dumplings to discuss our newfound skills afterwards!

This (newer) Fat Dumpling is on the strip of restaurants that popped up in Bowen Hills on King Street not so long ago.

We ordered the stir fried green beans, Xiao Long Bao (XLB) and the prawn and garlic chive steamed dumplings.

The green beans are always awesome. First of all, you feel better because there’s something green on your plate. Well done you, you’re feeding your body the right things! It’s okay that you’re about to smash your body weight in dumplings now! They’ve got this lovely spice to them but not too hot and the peanut oil brings it all together nicely. Oh and the fresh garlic and chilli – yum.

Then the prawn and garlic chive steamed dumplings were quite the quiet achiever. I mean, I expected them to be good but I didn’t expect them to be that good! They were very generous portions and so juicy and full of flavour. They’re great value at around $9 for 4 of them too. They were my favourite of the night.

Then the XLB – always a winner for me (provided they have soup in them otherwise I’m one of those people who will complain), they are a light dough, not so fluffy but lovely all the same because they are filled with soup! Tasty, delicious broth. You have to add black vinegar in them to complete the flavour though. It’s a must. I’m a black vinegar fiend.

Random fact – black vinegar helps to acidise your stomach if you’re hungover. That’s why smashing dumplings is always great the day after a big night out. I don’t actually know if that’s true but I heard it somewhere and if I’m wrong, I don’t want to know anyway. It works for me.

I used to go to Fat Dumpling in the valley (BYO – my idea of a good time to kick off a weekend!) and the XLB was excellent then went downhill. Turns out the dumpling maker from the Valley venue moved to the King Street venue and that’s why the King Street XLB are so amazing – they’re the original.

A great spot for some mid-price range dumplings in Brisbane.

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Ramen Danbo Opens in Brisbane

I’m a little late to the party on this one… which is strange as I am a giant fan of Ramen Danbo. I’ve just had so much on lately I haven’t had a chance to get there in Brisbane. Anyway, finally made it, obviously!

The new venue on Merivale Street in South Brisbane is their classic design, same as the Gold Coast. There’s been giant lines (they move fast) out the front as all of Brisbane’s ramen lovers get in to give the new competition a go but it was clear the day that I went.

I ordered the classic Nitamago Ramen with firm noodles (you may remember from my Ramen Danbo Gold Coast post that there’s lots of customising available for your noodles), standard richness of broth and a little spicy. It was just as good as I remembered. I really liked the firm noodles and the pork char sui was full of flavour.

Make sure you try the bite-sized gyoza too – they’re delicious!

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