Delicious Dumplings At Fat Dumpling Bowen Hills

I love dumplings. You guys know that!

Megan and I went to Victoria Park to attempt to hit some balls at the driving range. She did a great job, and well, I was there. So obviously we went for dumplings to discuss our newfound skills afterwards!

This (newer) Fat Dumpling is on the strip of restaurants that popped up in Bowen Hills on King Street not so long ago.

We ordered the stir fried green beans, Xiao Long Bao (XLB) and the prawn and garlic chive steamed dumplings.

The green beans are always awesome. First of all, you feel better because there’s something green on your plate. Well done you, you’re feeding your body the right things! It’s okay that you’re about to smash your body weight in dumplings now! They’ve got this lovely spice to them but not too hot and the peanut oil brings it all together nicely. Oh and the fresh garlic and chilli – yum.

Then the prawn and garlic chive steamed dumplings were quite the quiet achiever. I mean, I expected them to be good but I didn’t expect them to be that good! They were very generous portions and so juicy and full of flavour. They’re great value at around $9 for 4 of them too. They were my favourite of the night.

Then the XLB – always a winner for me (provided they have soup in them otherwise I’m one of those people who will complain), they are a light dough, not so fluffy but lovely all the same because they are filled with soup! Tasty, delicious broth. You have to add black vinegar in them to complete the flavour though. It’s a must. I’m a black vinegar fiend.

Random fact – black vinegar helps to acidise your stomach if you’re hungover. That’s why smashing dumplings is always great the day after a big night out. I don’t actually know if that’s true but I heard it somewhere and if I’m wrong, I don’t want to know anyway. It works for me.

I used to go to Fat Dumpling in the valley (BYO – my idea of a good time to kick off a weekend!) and the XLB was excellent then went downhill. Turns out the dumpling maker from the Valley venue moved to the King Street venue and that’s why the King Street XLB are so amazing – they’re the original.

A great spot for some mid-price range dumplings in Brisbane.

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Ramen Danbo Opens in Brisbane

I’m a little late to the party on this one… which is strange as I am a giant fan of Ramen Danbo. I’ve just had so much on lately I haven’t had a chance to get there in Brisbane. Anyway, finally made it, obviously!

The new venue on Merivale Street in South Brisbane is their classic design, same as the Gold Coast. There’s been giant lines (they move fast) out the front as all of Brisbane’s ramen lovers get in to give the new competition a go but it was clear the day that I went.

I ordered the classic Nitamago Ramen with firm noodles (you may remember from my Ramen Danbo Gold Coast post that there’s lots of customising available for your noodles), standard richness of broth and a little spicy. It was just as good as I remembered. I really liked the firm noodles and the pork char sui was full of flavour.

Make sure you try the bite-sized gyoza too – they’re delicious!

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Finney Isles Cocktail Masterclass

I have absolutely no excuse to not be able to make a cocktail anymore after Finney Isles hosted a fun and informative (and delicious) cocktail masterclass evening inside their alluring big blue door.

The Finney Isles team had chosen four cocktails to share with us and they were all in fine form. My friend also swore they must have chosen their most handsome barmen – worked well for the photos!

We were provided a bit of a history lesson around each cocktail, perhaps a history story would be more accurate. They guys were full of hilarious quips which made the history to each drink highly amusing – a little poetic licence never hurt anyone! I won’t go to much into the history of each drink as I won’t do them any justice. You’ll just have to go in and visit for yourself!

Our welcome drink was a gin rhubarb peppermint and armaro spritz. I loved the peppermint hit – made for a really unique and refreshing cocktail.

First up, we learnt how to make a margarita which was apparently originally called a daisy! This was lost in translation in Mexico. The most important note I remembered from this cocktail was to use good tequila! 100% agave is sooo much better and worth the price tag. Fresh citrus is an absolute must – it activates your tongue! I’m not sure what activating your tongue means but I like the sound of it.

A beautifully balanced margarita is created from tequila, tripple sec and citrus as well as the all important salt rim!
Hilariously, in Mexico this was just to keep the flies out – they didn’t know that they were creating something delicious.

Next up, a mojito! Would you believe rum was considered to be for the slaves way back so this was how the higher class people dressed it up to make it taste nice.

There was a lot of debate from the team on how much soda should be used at the end. Majority were on the slim to none side – contrary to popular belief.

The other important note, slap your mint, don’t muddle it. Muddling bruises the leaves whereas slapping activates the flavours.

A Martini Tuxedo was up next. Again we were reminded not to use sh*t ice. Also interesting was to rub the lemon skin on the glass stem. This transfers the smell onto your hands while you drink the cocktail for an integrated experience. So thoughtful.

Last but never least, we made pinã coladas. I love a properly made pinã colada! Fresh coconut cream and pineapple makes all the difference here.

After our lessons we were able to jump behind the bar and make our own cocktails. Of course I chose the pinã colada… mainly because I wanted to drink another one but also because it didn’t involve any challenging moves.

Hot tips for delicious cocktails
• Use bigger ice cubes (freeze water in a big container and smash it up). Otherwise they dilute too fast and water down the drinks. We can’t have that now.
• Always have fresh citrus in the fridge.
• Quality alcohol is important. Especially quality tequila.

I’d still prefer to visit Finney Isles to have my cocktails made – their expert knowledge is undeniable and the taste and experience is on point.

Todd & Pup New Summer Menu, Moorooka

You might remember me raving about the G&T eggs bene I had last time I visited Todd & Pup in Moorooka – it was amazing and this time was no different!

There were so many great choices on the new summer menu that Jane and I struggled to pick. There’s a tick from me straight away.

In the end, Jane went with the festive breakfast and I chose the summer mushrooms. True to the menu’s name, both were really fresh and summery.

But first, juice!! I love starting the day with a fresh juice, makes me feel healthy – even if I’m not haha. I had the signature juice which was beautiful and citrus-y, bursting with flavour.

The festive breakfast had peach with fresh ham, egg, bocconcini and basil. So, Jane wasn’t 100% sure of her decision.. she wasn’t sure how it would all go together. Hilariously, within a mouthful, I couldn’t shut her up about how good it was!

Jane starts “holy crap that’s actually delicious! The peach gives it a completely different flavour. Fresh. Mmmm.”
A moment later… “OMG that peach… wow.”

Obviously I want to try the festive breakfast now too.

My summer mushrooms were simply delicious. Very moreish with that amazing truffle honey drizzled over the whole plate and mixing perfectly with the mushrooms and feta. I was so excited just about the mushrooms and truffle honey that I forgot there were eggs hiding in there which picked it up another notch! The different textures of the dish (including walnut) make it very interesting as well as tasty.

The staff were super helpful and friendly which always makes the whole experience that much better. Sitting in the cool summer morning air was a lovely way to start the day too.

Great work Todd & Pup! I want to try the decadent fried chicken eggs bene soon too!

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*While this dining experience was complimentary, this review is true and authentic. 

Traditional Thai at Mekhong Brisbane, New Farm

This new traditional Thai restaurant serving up northern Thai fare is just what New Farm was needing. They’re right across from the cinemas and are the perfect spot for a bite before or after a movie.

Thai northern fare is full of citrus, herbs and a bit creamy. It’s not as spicy as the rest of Thailand. Their new Chef came from the renowned Blue Elephant restaurant in Paris and has created some beautiful traditional dishes.

We tried a range of dishes from their new menu, but of course I had my favourites. The Karri puffs were amazing along with the Esan sausages, the Mekhong seafood Keaw Coco and the mango sticky rice!

The Karri (curry puffs but the Thai version) puffs are made in house… including the fluffy, crisp, perfect pastry. I was only going to eat one but couldn’t help myself with the second one too. Chef has created a Turmeric whole egg mayo to go with the Karri puffs – it’s incredibly creamy and pairs well.

The esan sausage was delicious! Not something I would normally order straight off the menu but it came recommended to us and I’m so glad we tried it. It’s a fermented pork sausage, chunky and full of flavour. I highly recommend trying it with the chili and ginger it is served with.

The pla muc tod tumeric calamari was everything you’d hope for. Crispy on the outside, seasoned but not overpowering with tender and fresh calamari inside.

For our main we had the beef basil (tender beef and flavorsome), the son in law egg salad (light and refreshing) and the Mekhong seafood Keaw Coco – a green curry with seafood, which is literally served inside a young coconut! You can eat the flesh of the coconut too, it’s delicious all together.

What I loved about Mekhong Brisbane and the lovely owners was the thought, heart and passion that had clearly gone into their restaurant. Their family still live in Thailand and many of the recipes are generational. The design of the restaurant is laid back and the colours are to match the Mekong region, right from the pictures on the walls (ask the stories behind these if you get a chance) to the colours of the walls (to match the river) and the cup that you enjoy water from.

I will definitely come back for the larb kai esan and pad see ew. Oh and the tod mun.

They’ve just opened for lunch five days a week and cater for vegans and vegetarians too. They welcome the LGBTQIA+ community with open arms. Oh, and they’re BYO with a bottle-o just three doors down!

PS. You can also find them on Menu Log and Uber if a trip to New Farm is off the cards.

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**While this meal was complimentary, this review is true and authentic. Looking forward to trying more dishes and seeing the owners again.

The Brunswick Project For Bloody Mary Eggs, New Farm

Bloody Mary scrambled eggs. Hmmm. A rather unique menu item at The Brunswick Project in New Farm, so I thought I would give it a go!

The plate is presented like any other scrambled eggs, toast but with chimmichurri, volcanic smoked salt shaved celery and, a small jug of Bloody Mary mix to pour over your eggs!

It was… different. Enjoyable but slightly overwhelming towards the end. I suggest pouring the mix a little over your eggs at a time so you can have a break if you feel like it.

It was a lovely spot sitting outside on the balcony in a bit of Queensland sunshine. Pet friendly too of course.

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