Hikari Sushi – best ramen in Queenstown

Hikari Sushi is my favorite spot for ramen in Queenstown, hands down.

There’s not much better than when it’s freezing cold outside, heading inside to slurp over a hot bowl of steaming noodles. Especially after a big day exploring around in the snow.

I ordered the spicy tonkonsu ramen, I love a bit of spice. What I loved most about the dish was the charred Chasu pork. Perfectly charred, the pork slices spread a beautiful smokey taste right across all the elements of the dish. As well, the broth was delicious, there was plenty of bamboo, pork and the marinated egg was even well done! I often find that marinated eggs are a letdown, but these guys nailed it.

The team was lovely, even though we were their last customers of the day and they would have been itching to leave.

You can find Hikari Sushi restaurants right across Queenstown. We visited the Mall location.

I also had the udon tempura noodle soup at their airport location (another of my favourite comfort foods when I’m in the cold), which was delicious. But if you’re tossing up between the ramen and the udon, go the ramen! And spicy, if you can handle a kick of spice.

I’ve tried ramen in other places in Queenstown and this is definitely my favourite spot. Bonus is that it’s super central and with multiple locations, they’ve got most of the area covered.

Tell me that you’re not craving ramen now!

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Angry Ramen, Wellington

I discovered Angry Ramen, Wellington on The Terrace by accident when I was out on an evening stroll. I LOVE ramen and was super excited to find a crew inside this new-looking restaurant photographing the dishes.

I swung by the next day (obviously) to grab a bowl for lunch. There’s a large selection of ramen on their menu to try – I was so excited I couldn’t make a decision for ages. I had the Tonkotsu black ramen – absolutely delish broth (piping hot too – perfect for wellington weather) and with lots of my favorite bamboo shoots.

The only area I can see to improve would be the eggs – I prefer my ramen eggs more marinated and not so hard-cooked, so the yolk warms up in the broth and is a bit gooey and yummy. This is a personal preference and I cannot fault it otherwise!

If you’re a ramen fan, or looking to try something new and delicious, I highly recommend heading to Angry Ramen Wellington for a delicious and traditional bowl of noodle soup!

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Ramen Danbo Opens in Brisbane

I’m a little late to the party on this one… which is strange as I am a giant fan of Ramen Danbo. I’ve just had so much on lately I haven’t had a chance to get there in Brisbane. Anyway, finally made it, obviously!

The new venue on Merivale Street in South Brisbane is their classic design, same as the Gold Coast. There’s been giant lines (they move fast) out the front as all of Brisbane’s ramen lovers get in to give the new competition a go but it was clear the day that I went.

I ordered the classic Nitamago Ramen with firm noodles (you may remember from my Ramen Danbo Gold Coast post that there’s lots of customising available for your noodles), standard richness of broth and a little spicy. It was just as good as I remembered. I really liked the firm noodles and the pork char sui was full of flavour.

Make sure you try the bite-sized gyoza too – they’re delicious!

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Ramen Danbo Surfers, More Amazing Ramen

You should all know by now how I feel about ramen. I crave it non-stop and seek the best out in countries all over the world.

One of my fave spots for ramen in Queensland is Ramen Danbo on the Gold Coast in Southport. Well, they have also opened up an outlet in Surfers Paradise!

After a very long day on the Gold Coast, I was ready for some comfort eating before my drive back to Brisbane. I’d been up early to judge the Fit Bikini Model Extravaganza and couldn’t wait to find the new Ramen Danbo in Surfers. Luckily for me, there was a park right outside. Must have been those ramen Gods looking out for me.

I ordered the nitamago ramen which is the classic ramen with extra “nitamago” or soft boiled eggs. What I love about Ramen Danbo is that you can customise your ramen right down to the your noodle firmness, the richness of the soup and the spiciness.

Heads up, the team told me that the best way (how the Japanese do it) is firm noodles, a lot of richness and as much spice as you like, however a little, is more advised than none. So that’s what I go for every time.

I was sooo excited when the ramen came out that I’m impressed I even took the time to take photos! Steaming bowl of happiness. Delicious broth, firm noodles, generous pork servings and soft boiled eggs – which are one of the best parts.

I’ll be back again to one of their locations on my next trip to the Gold Coast!

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Ramen Champion, Sunnybank Brisbane

If you’ve been before, you will know that it is seriously difficult to choose where to eat in Sunnybank! You’re surrounded by delicious, authentic asian restaurants at very reasonable and competitive prices.

My friend and I felt like ramen (when don’t I? Let’s be honest) and went in search of some. Ramen Champion was lit right up so in we went!

A fairly classic fit out as far as ramen restaurants go, although a little more modern, clean and spacious than the ones that try to imitate the unique spaces that are authentic or in Japan. I ordered the black champion ramen with vegetables, flame grilled pork and garlic sauce. My friend ordered the Veggie Champion. Luckily, Ramen Champion’s vegetarian bowl actually has vegetarian stock (we were both expecting it to be a pork base) which made my friend very happy.

The bowl was delicious but not the best I have had. I wouldn’t go back there on my next visit to Sunnybank (because there are a hundred different delicious choices like dumplings etc) and if I was craving ramen, Taro’s in Brisbane city or Ramen Dando in Gold Coast would be my go-to’s.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with this place, I would just prefer to eat better food in Sunnybank and better ramen somewhere else.

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Authentic Ramen Right In The Gold Coast!

Guys! I found true, authentic Japanese ramen on the Gold Coast! Yasssssss!

‘Irasshaimase!’ Although food is usually my first note, when you enter Ramen Danbo, there is a distinct atmosphere and energy. The staff are all ready and excited and happy to see you.

Your first mission, and I call it a mission for a reason, is to choose your ramen. Now, if you’re like me, this is a massive mission because I want to try every flavour!! I am always torn between a traditional tonkontsu and trying something a little different. Kim and I eventually decided on sharing our ramen (because we are greedy and wanted to try both) and a side of bite-sized gyoza each (see greedy, above) and a Kirin beer. Can’t beat a Kirin on a hot day and the Gold Coast was certainly turning it on!

What’s a little different here was that you were able to customise your ramen right down to the your noodle firmness, the richness of the soup and the spiciness. And of course there’s the extra sides but you can choose extra house braised pork belly (chashuu-men) or rekka ramen option which loosely translates as inferno – yummm. We were given a heads up by the team that the best way (how the Japanese do it) is firm noodles, a lot of richness and as much spice as you like, however a little, is more advised than none. We stuck by this advice and it definitely paid off.

We chose a booth to sit in but I would go for the bar next time, I enjoy watching the Chef’s do their thing. Kim’s choice was the nitamago ramen which is the classic ramen but with the rekka option and extra “nitamago” or soft boiled eggs. I chose the negi-goma ramen  with freshly sliced spring onions and toasted sesame (apparently a Japanese favourite) with the rekka option and nitamago soft boiled eggs as an addition. I love those eggs – ramen just isn’t the same without it.

The ramen came out first – they were quick! We tried each other’s and decided we preferred our own (that worked out well) but agreed they were both delicious. Mine was slightly more spicy and rich than Kim’s, absolutely delicious. The difference is the ramen is truely authentic. Imported Japanese ingredients and all. Some of the staff have even come from the Ramen Danbo group in Japan! No wonder it’s so good.

Gyoza followed quickly afterwards, they’re special ‘Hakata’ gyoza, big enough to devour in just one bite! Hand made, delightful little parcels of happiness! If you read my blog, you know my obsession with anything from the dumpling family. These little babies are flavoursome and even more so when you add the green paste to them that comes on the side! It’s made up of Japanese lime, green chilli and pepper. You eat it the same way you would wasabi, either mixed in with the gyoza sauce or dabbed on before you dip. It’s quite a unique flavour and I bet you will wish all places served it up after you’ve tried it.

The restaurant in Southport was pumping. There were lots of customers coming through and many were Japanese (always a good sign). Although, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Ramen Danbo is such a success if you know the history. The original Ramen Danbo opened its doors in 2000 with a simple mission – to deliver a tonkotsu ramen with top quality and flavour, with strict consistency. After placing number one in a TV poll of the top ramen shops in Fukuoka, the brand expanded quickly all through Japan. We are pretty lucky to have it right here on the Gold Coast!!

If you’re from Brisbane and a fan of Taro’s ramen, this is a must try. I will be there again soon to try the classic tonkontsu option! And the gyoza… rude not to.

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**Although this meal was complimentary, this review is authentic and true. I can’t wait to go back and eat more – I will try the classic next time. Plus it’s a great excuse to hit the beach too!

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