Delicious Dumplings At Fat Dumpling Bowen Hills

I love dumplings. You guys know that! Fat Dumpling Bowen Hills is no exception

Megan and I went to Victoria Park to attempt to hit some balls at the driving range. She did a great job, and well, I was there. So obviously we went for dumplings to discuss our newfound skills afterwards!

This (newer) Fat Dumpling is on the strip of restaurants that popped up in Bowen Hills on King Street not so long ago.

We ordered the stir fried green beans, Xiao Long Bao (XLB) and the prawn and garlic chive steamed dumplings.

The green beans are always awesome. First of all, you feel better because there’s something green on your plate. Well done you, you’re feeding your body the right things! It’s okay that you’re about to smash your body weight in dumplings now! They’ve got this lovely spice to them but not too hot and the peanut oil brings it all together nicely. Oh and the fresh garlic and chilli – yum.

Then the prawn and garlic chive steamed dumplings were quite the quiet achiever. I mean, I expected them to be good but I didn’t expect them to be that good! They were very generous portions and so juicy and full of flavour. They’re great value at around $9 for 4 of them too. They were my favourite of the night.

Then the XLB – always a winner for me (provided they have soup in them otherwise I’m one of those people who will complain), they are a light dough, not so fluffy but lovely all the same because they are filled with soup! Tasty, delicious broth. You have to add black vinegar in them to complete the flavour though. It’s a must. I’m a black vinegar fiend.

Random fact – black vinegar helps to acidise your stomach if you’re hungover. That’s why smashing dumplings is always great the day after a big night out. I don’t actually know if that’s true but I heard it somewhere and if I’m wrong, I don’t want to know anyway. It works for me.

I used to go to Fat Dumpling in the valley (BYO – my idea of a good time to kick off a weekend!) and the XLB was excellent then went downhill. Turns out the dumpling maker from the Valley venue moved to the King Street venue and that’s why the King Street XLB are so amazing – they’re the original.

A great spot for some mid-price range dumplings in Brisbane.

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