Brisbane Gets Whitney! The Bodyguard Opening & After Party

It started with a bang! Literally. There was a massive, deafening bang. The theatre blacked out and the crowd received a huge fright! Definitely a way to get the attention of the audience quickly. I briefly considered there may have been a terrible accident behind the scenes and we were all going to have to find our way to the exits in the pitch dark theatre.

From the lighting to the staging, projections, choreography and the exceptional singing talent, The Bodyguard was masterfully and dramatically put together. At times you’re not sure whether it’s cringe worthy or brilliant but regardless, the entire audience bought in. The crowd was definitely into the show, with gasps and oooh’s, boo’s and ahh’s at every turn.

Thankfully, it felt less like a musical (not that I’m not a fan) and more like a concert. Rachel (Paulini) rocked it! As did the rest of the cast. Apart from Frank, that man cannot sing to save himself.

The cast received a standing ovation and then the entire crowd rocked out to Whitney’s ‘I wanna dance with somebody’, up and dancing in the seats. I was ready to party after that!

Luckily, we checked in our envelopes at the end and found inside passes to the official after party. There was the traditional red carpet and media banners with stars mingling with the guests. Drinks and hors d’oeuvre every which way you looked. We had a photo with the Stalker. That guy is seriously good at being creepy. I didn’t event want to stand with him. Gave me the heebie jeebie’s.

I went in with no expectations. Sure, I know a few Whitney songs but I didn’t even know there was a movie and I hadn’t done any research so was going in blind. The show surpassed our expectations, we were all loving it! I definitely recommend getting along, it’s great entertainment.

Oh, and they have daiquiri’s and Moet just to sweeten the deal.

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