Next holidays I want to do:

While I still have a few coming up there are sooo many more I want to do!

  • Back to America, NY, Vegas, LA
  • THIS contiki around the east coast of America – I love contiki.
  • Visit my friend Sheldon and her husband in the UK (a place I don’t love but a dear friend I miss enough to travel to somewhere I dislike to be with)
  • While I’m in the UK it would be rude of me not to go back to Italy. I want to travel more around the coast and especially visit Cinque Terre. Mostly I just want to eat and people watch. Just be there.
  • South America – Riioooooooooo!! Would love love love to check out Carnivale. Must admit I am a little hesitant due to the amount of murders during this time but would be incredible to see all that colour and music!
  • Swim with whale sharks ANYWHERE – I don’t care if I have to go to Perth or Japan, these animals are so graceful and majestic I just wana be with them.
  • Speaking of Japan – that place is funky as hell. I can’t wait to go back there. Back to Tokyo to visit my mate Seiji and then Kyoto to visit Toshi and then Okinawa, an island where the people live until they are really old.
  • Singapore, good food, decent shopping cool buildings
  • Dubai – this place looks cray. 
  • Phillipines, some gorgeous beach where I can chill. Oh and that place you can swim in the Jelly Fish lake! Palau. 
  • Bora Bora. I MUST stay in one of those over water bungalows so I can look at the fishy’s all night!!!!!! 
  • Mexico – especially Belize. It just looks breath taking.
  • Maldives. See above. Beautiful.
  • South Island of NZ – Ironically I have travelled the world and yet not my own country properly.
  • Anywhere my family is. Hopefully on a cruise somewhere… Bahamas again anyone? 

 Must stop writing and start working out how I can earn more money and have more time off. This sh!t is expensive!!

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