Albert Park, Melbourne

I had no idea this park existed! I actually thought Albert Park was Faulkner Park.

When I was in Vancouver (I miss it so much more than expected) I used to live right on Stanley Park, which was one of the best parks in the world. I used to go there and run, people watch, watch the sunset, read, have picnics… Generally just spent a lot of time hanging around there and I absolutely loved it. It’s just so beautiful.

Albert Park isn’t quite Stanley Park but it’s nice to see I have something similar to go and visit. I love the lake, it’s 5.5kms so can be my training ground for the Colour Run.










4 thoughts on “Albert Park, Melbourne”

  1. Did you know Albert Park Lake is stocked with salmon ? When I was there in 1981 we watched them releasing fingerlings. Get a rod and have a go !!!!!


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