Ramen Champion, Sunnybank Brisbane

If you’ve been before, you will know that it is seriously difficult to choose where to eat in Sunnybank! You’re surrounded by delicious, authentic asian restaurants at very reasonable and competitive prices.

My friend and I felt like ramen (when don’t I? Let’s be honest) and went in search of some. Ramen Champion was lit right up so in we went!

A fairly classic fit out as far as ramen restaurants go, although a little more modern, clean and spacious than the ones that try to imitate the unique spaces that are authentic or in Japan. I ordered the black champion ramen with vegetables, flame grilled pork and garlic sauce. My friend ordered the Veggie Champion. Luckily, Ramen Champion’s vegetarian bowl actually has vegetarian stock (we were both expecting it to be a pork base) which made my friend very happy.

The bowl was delicious but not the best I have had. I wouldn’t go back there on my next visit to Sunnybank (because there are a hundred different delicious choices like dumplings etc) and if I was craving ramen, Taro’s in Brisbane city or Ramen Dando in Gold Coast would be my go-to’s.

Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with this place, I would just prefer to eat better food in Sunnybank and better ramen somewhere else.

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