Tuppy’s for Brekky

Just up the road from my house is a littleΒ convenienceΒ store that does some fast food. Mainly fish and chips but also breakfast. Thankfully, they were open Easter Friday to cure my hangover! Obviously I got a bit carried away eating before I managed to take this pic. They do really cheap breakfast – 2 eggs, … Read more


I found these pictures (well Instagram found them and posted a link) and I absolutely love them. A Russian photographer ad his girlfriend travel constantly around the world and she is leading him to exotic landmarks and destinations. Cutest thing ever. Follow him @muradosmann

Wahoo’s Burleigh

Headed to Burleigh on the weekend to catch some rays and a late lunch.Ended up at Wahoo’s and was surprised at how cheap and delicious it was! $12 landed me a huge burger with guacamole, a huge serving of chips and a bottle of water. The place lacks aircon and took quite a while but … Read more

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