Vancouver, Day 1

I feel like I have slipped back in to my old life. With the click of a finger (or rather a flight over the pacific) I’m back with all my old friends, in my old neighbourhood, eating at my old fave food spots. 

Back story here for those who aren’t regular readers, I lived in Vancouver for a year about 1.5 years ago. 

In the morning we got up (Amanda, Barram (her BF), and I) and Barram made me a traditional (freaking delicious) Turkish breakfast. Eggs fried on mushrooms with special sauces and warmed flat bread with condiments. There was honey, sour cherry jam and feta and you choose a few and mix it up – I can’t wait to make it for friends at home.

Might I add that I only met Barram that morning! Great guy. Seriously. He made me breakfast. I love food – he must have had intel. 

Barram and Amanda went to work and I worked from home. Which is what I used to do on Fridays in Vancouver way back when. 

A quick trip to Best Buys and I had a SIM card, adapter for my computer charger and a new wall plug for my iPhone as I’d left mine in NYC. All set up and ready to go! 

I punched out a day at work but there was one stop I HAD to make. Lunch. Duh! But a special lunch, at my favourite ever pizza joint, The Parlour in Yaletown. I dream about this pizza. The Goldmember. It has truffle oil and two types of cheese… Do I really need to say more? I enjoyed it with a crisp cider on the balcony in the sun. Just delightful. I may even go back again before I leave. In fact, of course I will! My mouth is watering already. 

Anyway back to my day. So I finished my incredible pizza, grabbed two takeaway for Amanda and Barram for when they got home and worked the rest of the arvo. What work you ask? Well, I’m working virtually for my usual day job. I work for this incredible company that allows me to work virtually and do industry research from location. I LOVE my job. I have actually missed my job while travelling – that’s a first. I can’t wait to see my colleagues when I’m back too. 

Amanda, Barram, his friend and I took the ferry to North Vancouver to the new Tap & Barrell for our friend Heather’s engagement dinner. We had a blast catching up (don’t go there for the food) and went out in Gastown afterwards. I got home around 3am to a beautifully made bed waiting for me. Great friends and hosts!!   


Chill Winston, Gastown

Awesome venue, great service, shame about the food.

I was pretty excited to eat here.

I ordered the stuffed prunes and the pasta of the day which was a house made spaghetti with a tomato base sauce and prawns.

The prunes were delicious. The prawns were delicious but the pasta was a massive fail. It tasted like two minute noodles, looked like two minute noodles, was more hard and chewy than al dente and was all clumpy. Yuck.

While the service was attentive, they did get a few things wrong. We ended up with two calamari instead of calamari and a pizza and there was a drink mix up.

Thankfully they did put my pasta on the house and I would go back for drinks as appies but not a full meal. I love the vibe and the decor.




Rodney’s Oyster House Yaletown

We got in just in time for the ‘Low Tide’ menu.

We ordered a dozen raw oysters, the steamed mussels, garlic butter prawns and oysters Rockefeller.

Bread was served first – baked with cranberries, scrumptious. Can’t fault anything we ordered, it was all delish!

Had a pinot noir, it was average but it was a cheap one. It was poured in a short cup too – unusual.

The best thing is the atmosphere. I actually asked if I could get the soundtrack when I left it was so good! I love the layout of the place, we sat at the bar and it’s very social dining.

Great T-shirts you can purchase too! “‘Suck me off’ … the half shell at Rodney’s Ouster Bar”

Great place, I would def go back again!

I’m on a bread ban however so I’m writing this in the cardio bike to work it off – multitasking!










Rodney's Oyster House on Urbanspoon

Foggy Vancity

Vancouver has had this eery fog hanging over it the last two days all over downtown.

The buildings disappear then come back again.

I’m working on the 17th floor in a temp role this week before I start my new job next week. Did I mention I got a new job? More about that later!




Wrecked at Wreck Beach

Checked out Wreck Beach today down by UBC in Vancouver.

I’d heard mixed reports – mainly about everyone being nude and magic mushies being passed around. So I already knew it was a pretty liberal place.

Wreck Beach is unlike anywhere I’ve ever seen. You could almost call it a hippie beach.

Clothes are optional – mainly men are naked, some topless women too but hardly any nude ladies, to the men’s disgust I’m sure.

There’s food tents, run of course by naked people. My coconut was served to me by a machete bearing topless women and my corn on the cob was bbq’d by a scantily (half sarong sort of tied around waist with ‘bits’ hanging out) clad man. By the banter of the two men serving I would also say heavily stoned men.

Others walk around with bags of ‘goods’ weed, weed lollies, magic mushrooms, alcoholic beverages etc. they’re all naked apart from their chilly bins. For those of you who aren’t Kiwi, a chilly bin is an esky or cooler bag.

I remained bikini tied firmly on but couldn’t care less what everyone else was doing. It’s a very liberal place, interesting to check out and a beautiful spot.

Apart from the 480 stairs!! They suck!! Only way in or out of Wreck Beach is via the never-ending stairs. Unless you’re lucky enough to have a boat. I’m glad I bought my inhala with me, that’s for sure!






Canada – one week in

I’ve been super lazy with my blogging considering I have nothing else I have to do!

A week has passed in Canada already. I actually feel like I have been here longer than that.

With the sun setting at 10pm the days are long. So much time for activities!

So far I have…
– walked the entire edge of Stanley Park – 10km in all
– attempted to blade Stanley Park – a terrible decision
– got lost in the city
– met up with friends – Carso, Maegy, Chris and made some friends – Merica, Christina, Jackson and Toby.
– visited the aquarium
– watched the sunset on English Bay
– visited Granville Island Markets
– had a night out
– done some promo work for a nightclub
– had an interview with Steve Nash Fitness
– looked at an apartment I love
– eaten out a little too often
– got back to exercising regularly

Many activities. Most of my time is taken up walking and searching Craigslist. Looking for apartments and jobs.

I’ve found a few jobs I like so far that I have applied for in the digi world but competition is fierce here. I have been looking into some promo work to keep me occupied and make some friends.

I found an amazing apartment. It’s really nice and the chick who lives there is just lovely. Se teaches yoga and works in marketing. It has the most incredible views you’ve seen in your life. Right across the ocean to the mountains and over Stanley Park. But that’s because it’s on the 18th floor and I’m not sure if I want to live that high. I cant find anything else half as decent for the same rate or in West End. Decisions, decisions.

Suppose I better get up and into my activities!












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