Restaurant Cuvée, Peterson House, Hunter Valley

Upon arrival you pull up the drive to a picturesque setting. Think vineyards, a beautiful lake reflecting the sky and a beautiful, rustic building. Just what you would imagine for the Hunter Vallet, really. It definitely sets the scene.

I recommend starting with wine tasting, how else will you know what to drink with your meal if you don’t try the wines first?!

Peterson House uses the same varietals and blends of grapes as in Champagne and you can tell. I actually enjoyed the sparking sav blanc (just the smell of sav can make me gag) and their other sparkling white blends. The standout for me was the pinot noir chardonnay meunier . A dry and light sparkling, aged for five years and best enjoyed simply on its own.

Over in Restaurant Cuvee I was excited by the starters. Tom and I enjoyed some natural oysters and sashimi to start. This was probably my fave part of the entire meal. The seafood was fresh and decadent with light sauces to compliment them. Definitely try the wasabi mayo.

The mains sounded fantastic but we were both a little disappointed. They seemed to be lacking true flavour. I added salt to my mushroom risotto with truffle oil to bring the flavours out more. lots of salt. It worked but still wasn’t amazing like I had imagined. Tom’s duck tacos looked fantastic but also lacked in flavour.

All in all it was an enjoyable meal. Would have been lovely to sit more outside, with such a beautiful setting it’s a shame to be inside.

Once you’ve finished, be sure to skip over to the chocolate store. I couldn’t resist the choc dipped fresh strawberries.

Oh, and watch out for snakes! We only saw the sign when we were leaving, apparently they have some slippery friends there.

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Mooloolaba Fish Market & the Deck on Parkyn

Whenever I’m on the Sunshine Coast I visit the fisheries on the spit for some beautiful seafood.

I’d love to say that I look around all the items and choose the best catch of the day, and while I do look at everything, 99% of the time I will simply go with a dozen natural oysters and a handful of prawns with some lemon.

The last lot of oysters we had were coffin bay and were only about $24 a dozen! They were fresh, plump, creamy and melted in your mouth.

When your order is ready, you can take your fresh seafood (they will cook the fish or whatever you chose) up to Deck on Parkyn where you can purchase alcohol and eat on the giant deck overlooking where the trawlers come in. You can purchase some food up there too.

Perfect spot for lunch but be warned, parking in warmer months isn’t easy.

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Mooloolaba Fish Market Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Rodney’s Oyster House Yaletown

We got in just in time for the ‘Low Tide’ menu.

We ordered a dozen raw oysters, the steamed mussels, garlic butter prawns and oysters Rockefeller.

Bread was served first – baked with cranberries, scrumptious. Can’t fault anything we ordered, it was all delish!

Had a pinot noir, it was average but it was a cheap one. It was poured in a short cup too – unusual.

The best thing is the atmosphere. I actually asked if I could get the soundtrack when I left it was so good! I love the layout of the place, we sat at the bar and it’s very social dining.

Great T-shirts you can purchase too! “‘Suck me off’ … the half shell at Rodney’s Ouster Bar”

Great place, I would def go back again!

I’m on a bread ban however so I’m writing this in the cardio bike to work it off – multitasking!










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Oyster Surprise

I love oysters. So imagine my happiness at arriving in New Zealand for Bluff Oyster Season!

At $25 a dozen – give or take, they are a treat. But ya delicious treat at that! Just a tiny squeeze of lemon and they’re ready to consume.

Seeing my love of them, I thought I would kindly share my dozen with my friend, Kim. I’m nice like that.

Kim had never tried oysters before so I was especially excited for her to try them. I know some people don’t appreciate them so I quizzed her to ensure she liked fresh, raw shellfish. She did so I inquired as to whether she liked jelly and if she didn’t mind an ‘explosion’ in her mouth. Similar to when you bite into a soft centered lolly. All basis covered so we were good to go.

Mum decided to take pics of Kim so we had her first oyster experience on record. Thank god we did otherwise I wouldn’t have the picture below in my possession!

She placed the oyster in her mouth and all but turned green. Her eyes watered, she turned pale and made interesting hand movements. Dad hilariously told her she would be insulting us if she spat it out so she held it in much to our amusement.

Couldn’t stop laughing.

Anyway, the good news is that I don’t have to share my delicious oysters with anyone!

All for me!



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