New Year 2016 on the lake

My brothers and I were all quite content chilling at home for NYE however my Mum seemed to think this was absolutely appalling and secretly made some calls to see if we could get a house by the lake two days before NYE.Houses at Lake Taupo were gone WEEKS before New Year. I know because I had looked. My jammy Mother got a call back 5 mins later from the real estate to say there had been a cancellation at a lake house right across from the water, it slept 30 (okay 15) people and would we like it at a discounted rate? She was uber excited but immediately met with hesitation. We came around quickly though and decided that we would indeed take the house for four nights.

The next day we were packed up, in the car and heading north. Mum, Dad and I in the Cruiser and Dan, Luke & Caro in Dan’s beast.

The house was beautiful and massive, with floor to ceiling glass windows and million dollar views. We were all excited pulling up, looking around the house and deciding who would sleep where. We eventually ended all upstairs with the entire downstairs free.

We swam in the lake, went for walks and coffees, spent time together and cooked BBQ’s on the deck. Perfect.

NYE rolled around I was quite content again just drinking my bubbly on the deck, watching the sunset and chilling. Come 11.30pm, the boys, Caro and I were walking to town with all the other half cut visitors (I swear half of our town was there) to watch the fireworks. We made it just in time.

The ‘cool’ bar – good knows why the hell it is cool with expensive shitty drinks, drunk as can be patrons and scungy interior had a 20 minute wait. Screw that, we went to Cobb & Co and made our own party! We eventually made it to a bar with dancing and ruled the dance floor (well Luke did) until 2.30am. Of course there were no cabs to be seen so we started the 20 minute walk home with the now 100% cut visitors. Great entertainment.

Lovely to bring in the New Year with my family. Who knows where we will all be next year!



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