Summer House Kangaroo Point – Ah-sigh-ee Delight

I have visited Summer House in Kangaroo Point a number of times recently for a few reasons. Firstly, it’s walking distance from my house and that’s always nice. Secondly, their menu rocks! Particularly the breakfast menu. And thirdly, their venue is an secluded, funky garden patio, covered with trees and quirky hidden flamingos! Oh, and they have live music. And tapas. Everyone loves tapas.

Anyway, this particularly occasion, I went there to try their Acai (ah-sigh-ee) bowl. I have been on an acai trail around Brisbane lately (and everywhere else I go if I’m honest) and this is one of the best I have had! Why? Well it was blended with strawberries. There’s little, delicious berries throughout the acai giving extra pops of flavour. Of course there’s the coconut yoghurt, the crunchy granola and the fresh berries too which all comes together to make a delightful little bowl of healthy goodness!

If you don’t feel like something quite so healthy (hello hangover, I’ve seen you round here before) then the breakfast burger is the go!! Spicy hollandaise, avocado, halloumi, fried egg, bacon, spinach & brioche bun – I can see you drooling. I smashed one a couple of weeks ago after a big night out. Def did the trick!!

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Kiss The Berry – Picnic Açaí Goodness

Set in the South Bank Parklands, Kiss the Berry had been on my list for some time after developing a tiny açaí bowl obsession.

Walking in the open cafe, there are soooo many açaí bowls to choose from! It was so hard to decide. My poor brain was in overload and I had narrowed it down to two. I made my decision and headed to the counter. When I got there I blurted out I couldn’t decide between tow of the bowls and could the lovely assistant help me chose which was best?! Yeah she could! And she chose the bowl I wasn’t going to go for – the Snykers Delight.

What is the Snykers Delight açaí bowl you ask?
Blend: organic açaí, banana, raw cacao, powder, peanut butter, almond mylk, coconut water.
Toppings: handmade granola, banana, coconut yogurt, strawberries, coconut flakes, raw cacao nibs.

While ordering I saw there was a container full of blankets beside the counter and thought to myself that it was a little odd, Brisbane was fairly warm again already. I looked around outside in the parklands only to see everyone having little açaí bowl picnics! They weren’t blankets to keep you warm (I think I should explain here that I was hungover, hence my inability to make decisions or process the blankets), they were blankets for picnic-ing on! Perfect. We grabbed a blanket and headed out into the sunshine.

Grab a blanket and relax, it’s Sunday 🌿

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Our bowls arrived and I was thankful I had taken the advice of the lovely lady inside! The Snykers Delight bowl still had all the delicious and fresh qualities of an original acai bowl but with an extra peanutty, chocolatey kick – nommmm!

We enjoyed our açaí bowls in the park and chilled out for a while – it’s a great way to start the day.

Oh! And I love that they have Bee One Third’s pollen and honey as an add on for the bowls – we recently got hives on our work rooftop and I love the Bee One Third Team’s work in creating neighborhood honey!

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