Las Vegas, Day 2

A big night out deserves a big sleep in, so that’s just what we did.  We then found the tacos place where we had lunch from the day before and had Mexican eggs… They were pretty average to be honest.  Pool party time!  Holy shitballs. Nothing could have prepared me for how freaking cool these … Read more

Las Vegas, Day 1

Straight to the shops! The Forum on the strip then Fashion Show kept us occupied for hours. Starbucks bagels for breakfast – I’m gonna miss the bagels.  We shopped for hours. I got my brothers gifts and myself a VS bikini. A few random clothing items… Nothing too exciting. Oh! New shoes! I got great … Read more

NYC, Day Two

Well after the rooftop and basketball apartment scenario, we were pretty tired.  Same pattern as the day before, got up about 11, did some shopping made it to a baseball game then went home for a nap from 5-7.  Yankee Stadium was awesome! I always love watching sport here. We got the cheapest tickets at … Read more

Taros Ramen Cafe, Brisbane 

Truffle ramen. Let me repeat… Truffle ramen. Yep. The ever popular Taros Ramen Cafe that already serves delicious ramen, put truffle ramen on the menu. Imagine a steaming broth filled with tender noodles and soft pork put in front of you… then the truffle measured and shaved over it. Magnificent. The entire meal is perfectly … Read more

A Melbourne morning

I flew into Melbourne yesterday afternoon and was straight into a work dinner until late and up early this morning for a breakfast meeting pre workshop. I took 10 mins out and went for a quick walk around the Yarra and I’m so glad I did. I felt so much more refreshed and ready for … Read more

Yum Yum Gyoza House, Bulimba, Brisbane 

Yum Yum Gyoza House, yuck yuck everything else. I wouldn’t eat here again. We ordered edamame, pad thai prawn, dumpling soup and gyoza to share. The only plate worth eating was the gyoza. Maybe they should just stick to that! Pad thai was gluggy and lacked flavour. The duming soup was more like a bland … Read more

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