When four days in NZ turned into lockdown | COVID-19 clusterf%*k

Here’s my personal recount of my experience during COVID-19. I write this so I can look back on it in the future and think wow, that sh*t was cray. I am so, so pleased it never happened again. I arrived in New Zealand (I live in Brisbane) on Wed the 11th March after visiting Gundagai … Read more

What the FODMAP?!

I’ve recently started a strange diet called FODMAP. Strange is probably an unfair word… inconsistent, annoying also hard work. But I have found it does work. Why am I on it? Well, I traveled a lot last year and I had a lot of gastro-like episodes from Asian and Pacific countries. I went to Vanuatu … Read more

REVIEW | The Empire Strips Back – Buy Tickets Now

On Friday night we headed to The Empire Strips Back. I was excited but my expectations were low, I hadn’t heard much about it or seen much on social media. Their social media certainly doesn’t do them any justice, but then again, I suppose they don’t want to give too much away and word of … Read more

Erakor Island Resort – Fab Vanuatu Resort

We spent five days at Erakor Island Resort – a true Melanesian slice of paradise! If you’re looking for a break not far from Brisbane (only 2 hours 45 min plane trip!) and are looking for something a little tropical and very relaxing, this resort will be perfect. Once you arrive in Vanuatu from your … Read more

NetApp Insights; That Time I Presented a Keynote for 6,000

I mentioned a few weeks ago I was going to Vegas to present a keynote for Consultel Cloud at NetApp Insights. I’m a little late on writing this as it’s been hectic since I got back. At the time I thought it was to 3,000 but it was to an audience of 6,000! So yes, I … Read more

Vegas for NetApp Insights Conference

I am so excited! I’m on my way to Las Vegas to speak at NetApp Insights, a giant conference for the company’s employees all about the cloud across three days in Sin City. I lead the marketing for Consultel Cloud and we are a customer of NetApp. We partner with NetApp to provide the best … Read more

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