Certainly Curious At Curious Affection, GOMA Brisbane

This is a very different exhibition. Not in a bad way. The title gives away the most; Curious Affection. You become very curious while looking at the different pieces, it’s difficult not to. It’s unlike anything you’ve seen or possibly imagined before. The exhibition is by Patrica Piccinini, and occupies the entire ground floor of … Read more

Why Seeing A Mortgage Broker Is The Best Thing I Did

Perhaps that title isn’t quite right… I should update to say, ‘Why Seeing Kelly Cameron At Get Real Finance In Brisbane Changed My Property Strategy For The Better’… but that’s really wayy too long for a blog title! I was content as can be. I live in Kangaroo Point in Brisbane and I love it … Read more

So You’re A ‘Blogger’. How Does That Work?

I am always asked about blogging. Why, how, what etc. People are interested in what is a foreign world to many, so here I will share answers to common questions I have been asked. Funny thing is I dislike being called a blogger. When people say that I always reply with ‘no, I have a … Read more

The Night My Date Nearly Ended In The Emergency Ward

Remember that date I had from Tinder where my date’s fiancé showed up, beat the crap out of him and ended up with police statements? Well this doesn’t quite rival that but it’s fairly close. Internet dating has its pros and cons of course, and I’ve had my fair share of both. I love meeting … Read more

Where To Buy Diamonds in St Martin: Ballerina Jewelers

** I wrote this blog after my trip to St Martin a few months ago. Unfortunately Hurricane Irma flew in and devastated the island, shutting down the store for a long time. For the last month or so they received power and water to the store for a few hours a day so they could … Read more

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