So You’re A ‘Blogger’. How Does That Work?

I am always asked about blogging. Why, how, what etc. People are interested in what is a foreign world to many, so here I will share answers to common questions I have been asked. Funny thing is I dislike being called a blogger. When people say that I always reply...

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Ramen Champion, Sunnybank Brisbane

If you’ve been before, you will know that it is seriously difficult to choose where to eat in Sunnybank! You’re surrounded by delicious, authentic asian restaurants at very reasonable and competitive prices. My friend and I felt like ramen (when...

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Diamond Head Hike – Waikiki Must Do

I’ve been to Hawaii four times now and I can’t believe I’ve never done the Diamond Head hike! Not only is it relatively easy, the views are abolutely stunning. We took an uber there, paid our $1 entrance fee each and began the hike. On first look it...

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Lessons From My Driver in Malaysia

Usually my airport trips are fairly uneventful. I write blogs, check out Instagram etc. Today though my driver (Tan) talked for over an hour straight and taught me so much. He was a 24 year old Chinese man living in Malaysia driving for Grab and has a humble and happy...

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Aladdin Hits Brisbane – Genie Steals The Show

Aladdin ain’t nothin’ without Genie and Genie ain’t nothin’ without them eyebrows! I managed to find tickets to Aladdin for opening night in Brisbane at QPAC, the day before! Pure luck. Honestly, to start with it was just good. Then along came Genie!...

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