Aladdin Hits Brisbane – Genie Steals The Show

Aladdin ain’t nothin’ without Genie and Genie ain’t nothin’ without them eyebrows!

I managed to find tickets to Aladdin for opening night in Brisbane at QPAC, the day before! Pure luck.

Honestly, to start with it was just good. Then along came Genie! BAM!! Suddenly the whole room was excited and yelling. That man is an entertainer!! This sets the tone for the rest of the show. It’s fast paced, there’s always lots to take in and surprises around every corner. You’d think with such a well known Disney story it would be hard to throw those surprises in but it was very well executed.

The sets were on point! From creating the bustling and colourful markets to the luxurious palace and the city rooftop; the design, attention to detail and the transitioning of the sets was impressive. Genie’s cave (keep an eye out for the hidden ladies) and the scene when Aladdin takes Jasmine on the magic carpet for the first time (of course with ‘I can show you the world’ playing in the background) took the cake for me. Seriously. how do they make the magic carpet look that real?! Takes me right back to my childhood when I wished I had one to run off on adventures.

I loved how adult humor had been integrated throughout the performance and how the performers made fun of Brisbane (or Ipswich, rather) during the show. It made the show even more hilarious and engaging. All two and a half hours of it!

One of my favourite characters would have to be Lago, Jafar’s evil little sidekick. He was perfectly matched to the role, a sinister character with humorous lines and an excellent wardrobe. That outfit was definitely made just for him. On that note, all of the outfits are absolutely dazzling.

There was something missing though. Where was the pet tiger and monkey?! How hard could it be to have a live tiger and monkey on stage??

I highly recommend checking out the show while it’s in town. Tickets are on sale on the QPAC website until 6 May.

Oh! And, Bacchus has an incredible pre-theatre menu, blog coming soon on that too. Stand tuned.

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