Certainly Curious At Curious Affection, GOMA Brisbane

This is a very different exhibition. Not in a bad way. The title gives away the most; Curious Affection. You become very curious while looking at the different pieces, it’s difficult not to. It’s unlike anything you’ve seen or possibly imagined before. The exhibition is by Patrica Piccinini, and occupies the entire ground floor of GOMA. At first I was quite disturbed almost, I’m not sure that is the right word. Perhaps confused. Eventually a sense of affection develops… its hard to describe but you can imagine the lives of these creatures and the artist has done an incredible job to showcase their feelings with relatable qualities.

The GOMA website describes the artist as ‘Known for her imaginative, yet strangely familiar, lifelike hybrid creatures, Piccinini invites us to think about our place in a world where advances in biotechnology and digital technologies are challenging the boundaries of humanity.’

Although fantasy, the pieces have human and animal-like features blended to create these creatures that people connect to. The scenes are often primal, spruiking raw emotion from the viewer. A mother feeding children, protecting an infant. Often vulnerable.

I can’t describe this exhibition well enough to do justice so instead, I encourage you to go visit. Go with an open mind and be curious.

Curious Affection is on at GOMA until 5th August.

Would love to know what you thought if you have been! Leave a comment below.

Pulse Urban Art Festival

On Saturday my family went to check out the Pulse Urban Art Festival at Te Manawa in Palmerston North.

Awesome community event with loads of activities and things to see with live music. There were DJ’s, reggae groups, spray painters, chalk artists, pole dancing painters, pirates, characters on stilts and best of all, body painters.

We had perfect timing to see the body paint models come out and my goodness they were amazing! I was actually blown away at how cool they were. I couldn’t get a decent pic to show how great they are but you’ll get the gist. Two girls made to look like concrete gargoyles. They even had eyes painted on their eyelids! So talented.

There should be more community events like this – it’s nice to see everybody mingling and enjoying the cultural festivities!











Chihuly Garden & Glass – Seattle

I’m not sure if I’ve ever been so awed by glass in my life. I know I didn’t have high expectations. I’ve seen glass blowing in Venice, seen many glass art-works but never anything on such a scale.

It was just stunning. Breathtaking. Overwhelming.

Each room that reveals the next piece is even more incredible than the last.

My favourites have to be the main room and the room with the glass in the ceiling. They’re just amazing. So much effort, design and detail in the pieces and they’re huge!

Outside is great too. Chihuly has effortlessly integrated the glass into the garden and it really does look like the pieces belong there. On my crappy iPhone camera I wasn’t able to take pictures that really capture the concept.

We stayed and watched a few of the videos about Chihuly – behind the scenes and so forth. He has Such a vision without having a vision at all. He doesn’t know what he is going to create until he starts painting it.

I love the way he paints – unsure of the medium? A watered down acrylic perhaps. He literally paints from the tube. Squeezes sloshes of paint out onto giant cardboard in crazy motions and somehow it looks incredible and you can see what they are going to do with the glass. Cool to see the process from concept to final pieces.

I honestly thought the guy must be dead – his art is so recognised I just presumed but he is alive and kicking, creating new masterpieces.

If you are in Seattle, I HIGHLY recommend checking it out. It’s right next to the Space Needle in Seattle Center.
























Seattle Roadie Day 3

Fave day so far!

We didn’t leave the hotel until 11am after our disastrous night out. I wanted a bagel so starbucks was first up. Then we went straight to the Chihuly Garden and Glass exhibition at the Seattle Center. It was so incredible and I took a ridiculous amount of photos so it’s going to have its own post! If you get the chance, go. I loved it.

We had heard the Freemont Markets were worth a look so we made out way out there. What a gorgeous little place. If I lived in Seattle I would frequent there and Kirkland regularly.

Freemont markets are just your usual community markets full of crap as treasure. Turned out Macklemore’s Thrift Shop song was filmed there. Best part for me though was the food! Who’s surprised?!

I had a soft, plump, fresh naan with chicken tikka and man it was good!! Only$7 too! I’d def get it again. I followed it up with a chocolate cherry gluten free cookie – melted in my mouth and gave me a sugar high. After seeing me enjoy it so much the girls all went and got one too! I’m a good little influencer.

Now when one has time to kill, what should one do? To the pub! An Australian & Kiwi pub nonetheless! We headed to the Kangaroo and Kiwi pub in Ballard. Tahlia had friends who worked there and we ran into the owner on the walk there. We played UNO and drank cider in the sun.

We had a 7pm booking for the Seattle Space Needle – basically just a lookout on the 52nd floor. We got a combo deal for $27 for both the needle and the glass museum. Lookout was pretty cool – just another city, another view though really. Guess I’ve seen a few now!

We enjoyed a beverage on the deck watching the sunset then headed back down and over to Kirkland. Except we never made it there. We got lost. Surprise!

But that’s when we found the Cheesecake Factory so happy days!
I wrote a separate blog about dinner too, I love that place! Great food, venue and service at a low price. Perfect.

Last night at the hotel before checking out. Early night in. Couldn’t wait to wash my hair!















Khatsahlano Festival – Vancouver does Summer

What a fantastic event!

Saturday I managed to get out to the Khatsahlano Festival in Kitslano. After waiting 40 minutes and missing 3 buses due to them being full… Anyway, I eventually made it to the event and I’m so glad I made the effort.

50 Bands, 10 stages and 10 blocks. A massive event to pull off and I haven’t heard anyone that hasn’t said they’ve loved it.

Fab music, delish food, stall shopping, incredible people watching, I was as happy as can be!

Vancouver really does know how to do Summer. Props to the organisers for creating a fab, free event!

I think this video on my Instagram helps to sum up how the day went.








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