Seattle, what’s doin’?!

Booked in a trip to Seattle!

Sept long weekend (30 Aug – 2 Sept) I will be visiting Seattle and I need ideas for what to do!

Here’s what’s on my list

  • Find hot men
  • Go shopping (outlets, come at me)
  • Find classy venue to drink that isn’t too exxy and I can both dance and have a conversation
  • Go to the bridge with the paddlocks
  • Visit Pike Markets
  • Visit the Glass Museum place thingy
  • Go to a festival (hang on while I google the name) Bumbershoot (interesting name?) on the Sunday – cheap and decent acts
  • Walk the city

That’s it really so obviously I have no idea. The first three are always on my list no matter where I am anyway.

Also I’m staying in Bellevue – the whole place was booked out! But we do have a car. Be prepared for some funny stories with 3 Aussie’s and a Kiwi rocking about!

What shall I do in Seattle?! Help?!


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