Magical Salads At Vietnamese Mint Bulimba

I’ve been meaning to visit Vietnamese Mint in Bulimba since it opened. As you should all know by now, I am an absolute pho-fiend and love trying all there is in Brisbane. And around the world for that matter!

Anyway I heard that Vietnamese Mint had created some pretty funky and interesting salads so I went in to check them out. I ordered both (naturally) and a pho (obviously) and was impressed by all three! The Unicorn noodle salad was chicken based with a traditional vietnamese salad mix but with noodles infused with natural food colouring to make them look just like what a Unicorn would delicately eat before prancing about. The Magic noodel salad (my favourite) was a thai beef salad with noodles infused with Butterfly Pea Flower! They were gorgeous and blue. What I loved most about them, was that while they were fun and beautiful, they both still maintained their authentic, fresh salad flavours.

The pho, well damn. Damn delicious. Pho-nomenal. I was a happy little diner there with my three meals. Did I look ridiculous? Slightly. Did I care? No. I was too busy devouring everything and deciding which I would keep for lunches over the coming days. I ended up taking away some pho for breakfast and salad for lunch. Mmmm-mmm.

Oh! And I tried these special new drinks they have too, sparklers. I tried the Butterfly Pea Flower (honestly, why would you chose anything else?) and it was sparkly and sweet and fun.

A fab place to take the kids during the school holidays for a bit of lunch time fun too.

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Than Nuong – Woolloongabba’s New Vietnamese Restaurant

I LOVE Vietnamese. I’m a pho addict, so no surprises that when I found out Than Nuong Vietnamese restaurant opened up in Woolloongabba right by my work, I quickly locked in a lunch date with my colleagues to check it out.

You can smell the restaurant before you get there, the beautiful charcoal smell wafts around. Than Nuong translates to ‘Charcoal’. There’s a great outdoor area which will be perfect with a beer in Summer for lunch too.

We shared the prawn rice paper rolls and soft shall crab to begin. Both were fantastic. The soft shell crab was complimented by the fresh herbs and vegetables and the rice paper rolls were classic Viet-goodness.

I had food envy over my colleague’s dish, the prawn and papaya salad. It looked phenomenal and she said it tasted amazing. My other colleague loved her chilli, coriander pork pork salad, it looked really fresh.

No surprises for what I ordered, the pho! I love pho! I had the medium size and it was still very generous, particularly with the fresh ingredients to put on top and there was a generous serving of meat too. The broth was lovley, a few hints of spices that were subtly different. The noodles weren’t what I expected, still rice noodles but thick ones. I asked if it was a regional thing but the owner said it was just a preference of his. I quickly forgot about that and it was devoured it!

I’d like to go in for dinner and try something that really showcases the charcoal flavour on the meat, it smells supreme!

While this dining experience was complimentary, this review is true and authentic.

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Good Unassuming Vietnamese. An Cafe, Kangaroo Point, Brisbane

I stumbled across this little Vietnamese Cafe a while ago. Funny thing is, I drive past it on the way to work everyday!

It’s a very unassuming cafe, as often Vietnamese places can be. It’s in Kangaroo Point, near the KFC on the same side of the road. There’s parking at the back too which is convenient.

We shared vegetable spring rolls to start – yumm! They were very generous portions and full of flavour. They were so big that I actually only had one so that I could enjoy my pho too.

I’ve visited An Cafe before and the pho was great then too. My only issue then was that the meat had quite a bit of gristle in it which I didn’t enjoy. This meal too, the pho was great (rich broth, good side portions and noodle texture) but the meat was gristly. I left half of the beef behind.

I also had a green juice to try and stay healthy, I needed a bit of pep and it worked!

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Nodo, How Did It Take Me So Long To Find You?!

Sooo I just discovered Nodo in New Farm, Brisbane. Nodo are dedicated to being GF, and if you’re anything like me you’d be slightly cautious as GF doesn’t always taste the best. HOWEVER, all my Nodo experiences so far (and I hope there are more) have been incredibly delicious.

I’d seen the social posts and it has been on my list to visit for a long time… I just hadn’t made the effort to get there. That all changed last weekend. My friend Jay (who is GF) wanted one of their very popular hot crossed buns. We called in and I immediately succumbed and bought a bun AND a hot cross donut (yeah you read that right – treat yo self!), when the smell was mouth-watering as I walked through the doors.

The bun was soft and had all the right spices but oh my life, that donut was a-mazing!! I actually saved half so I could enjoy the decadence again later on.

Then, I had a breakfast meeting scheduled there for the start of the week. The menu really does read like all the popular items from many restaurants collated in one place. You know every choice is a good choice and that they will all be Insta-worthy.

I went with the  Beauty Foods Smoothie Bowl and a cacao mint tea. It looked gorgeous and was a huge serving. I loved all the toppings (of course it was the UnRefined granola, a local Brisbane brand full of texture, flavour and goodness) and devoured the lot.

Looking forward to going back to try more of their menu!

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Malacca Restaurant, Disappointing Laksa In Brisbane CBD

After visiting Malaysia a few weeks ago, I suddenly had a craving for a good laksa. That delicious, rich, curry, coconut, spicy broth. Lots of noodles and generous vegetables and chicken or seafood… drool!

I was in the city and Malacca Restaurant came up multiple times with high reviews and comments like ‘best laksa in Brisbane!’ So I hit the pavement, excited to try this raved-about laksa. I only just noticed the Zomato review wasn’t great- should have known to check there.

The restaurant itself was very unassuming. A little sign outside and a fairly plain interior, nothing surprising. I ordered my laksa, the signature with chicken and waited impatiently.

The laksa arrived fairly quickly, a generous serving and looked delicious. Then came the sense of utter disappointment after the first mouthful. It was bland. It had a dull taste of laksa but lacked that richness and intensity you usually find in a good bowl.

I ate a little so I was no longer hungry and left the rest. Slightly flavoured noodles and a bit of chicken really doesn’t do it for me. The best part was the eggplant.

Anyone know where I can find amazing laksa in Brisbane?!

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