Why Seeing A Mortgage Broker Is The Best Thing I Did

Perhaps that title isn’t quite right… I should update to say, ‘Why Seeing Kelly Cameron At Get Real Finance In Brisbane Changed My Property Strategy For The Better’… but that’s really wayy too long for a blog title!

I was content as can be. I live in Kangaroo Point in Brisbane and I love it there so I decided that obviously that is where I would spend my dollars to buy an apartment and live happily ever after. But that was before, when I was naive and didn’t understand the market. I didn’t even realise I didn’t understand the market!

A colleague (thanks Kate), suggested I go talk to her mortgage broker, Kelly Cameron at Get Real Finance to have my pre-approval sorted but also for some strategic advice. And boy did Kelly give it to me. Straight. I loved her direct and honest feedback immediately.

I’m not from Brisbane, or even Australia for that matter and my local market knowledge isn’t strong. Kelly took me through both the local and national market, presented data to show trends and how that could impact the future. Well that changed things for me to start with but her insights went much further than that. 

I came out of my first meeting with Kelly feeling slightly mind blown and like I had a real plan and the knowledge to make the right decisions in purchasing property. And of course with how to structure my mortgage too! I could happily have walked out of that consultation paying thousands and felt like I had received my money’s worth. To me, that was invaluable. And I was very grateful.

I highly admire Kelly and hold in high regard her insights and advice. And also the way she made me feel. My questions weren’t stupid and I felt like she genuinely wanted to find the best solution for me. I’m eternally thankful I took Kate’s advice to go to Get Real Finance and meet with Kelly.

Why did I write this? I hope that it inspires other first home (or second or third) buyers to find someone like Kelly that can provide strategic insights so they too can make an intelligent and informed decision with their hard earned cash that will provide the best possible footing in the property market. You don’t know, what you don’t know.

PS. Kelly has no idea I wrote this but I will send it to her to share how brilliant I think she is!
On her profile it says “She is intensely passionate about her work as a mortgage broker, and she stays at the cutting edge of what is happening in the financial and property markets, which is of enormous benefit to her clients.” And I agree.

Oh and if you want to speak to the team, here are their details:

Phone: 07 3852 5755
Email: admin@getrealfinance.com.au
Website: http://www.getrealfinance.com.au/ 

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