Pinspired – the food edition

I’ve been Pinspired. By Pinterest.

Yep, seeing the extra amount of time I have on my hands lately, and my parents pantry, I have been spending my days browsing Pinterest for Pinsperation of what to cook that evening.

Tonight’s edition called for some raw desserts. Date and almond bliss balls and a raw cheesecake. My first attempt, and I must say it was damn good. I’m really interested (as with the other half of the clichรฉd population) in raw food or ‘cooking’ at the moment and my family aren’t. However I think the desserts were the turning point.

‘What’s in this?’ …. ‘Nothing processed you say?’…. ‘All natural ingredients?’… ‘But it tastes so good!’ -Duh, I made it! It’s been blessed with the gift of my hands.

Anyway not all of my inspiration comes in the form of raw foods. I also made some damn good starters the other night, one of which now seems to be infamous and the ingredients keep magically restocking themselves in our fridge. Dates, stuffed with feta and wrapped in bacon. Can I hear you say ‘nom’?

Garden lasagne has also made an appearance, as has garlic and lemon butter angel hair with shrimp and shrimp tacos with fresh mango salsa.

I’m going to finish this blog here. My mouth is watering and it’s 12.32am – certainly not an appropriate time to start raiding the pantry. However as they say, ‘if we weren’t supposed to have midnight snacks, then why is there a light in the refrigerator?’

Oh! If you’re on Pinterest, let’s be pin-buddies! You can find me HERE






Richmond Night Market – Foodie Heaven

I love the Richmond Night Market! From the amazing food, Asian nicknacks to the ‘interesting’ performances there’s everything I need to keep me happy for an evening.

I’ve been twice now, just a 20min ride from the Yaletown station, 2 block walk then $2 at the door and you’re ready to rumble!

Food wise, it’s a dream come true. Delicious plates with small portions and smaller prices. You can eat a huge variety of everything. Thank God as its hard enough to choose knowing I can fit in only 5 plates as it is!

There’s stalls upon stalls on mobile cases, accessories and chargers. There’s onesies, fake jewellery, Hello Kitty, scarves, bags, glowing items – most things you can think of from an Asian marketplace are there.

Then there’s the entertainment… Interesting is the word I’d use. Put it this way, I’ve never sat down to watch a show but I’m sure plenty of people enjoy it…

So without further adieu my top food picks:
– BBQ’d fresh squid. I love.
– Choc dipped (sprayed) strawberries. Quality of the Choc is average at best but it’s a fun novelty to spray them yourself.
– The spiral potatoes. The name evades me right now and again it’s more for the novelty here. Maybe mine was over seasoned.
– Bacon wrapped asparagus skewers
– Pork dim sims on a stick
– Steamed pork buns
– Chow mein
– Japanese dessert crepes
– Slovakian pastry filled with Nutella and rolled in cinnamon sugar
– Bubble tea
– Mango & coconut smoothie
– Ramen

I could go on but they’re the best ones I’ve had and they’re all between $3.50 & $6! Take a friend and share to try as much goodness as you can, but they close on the 14th so get there this weekend!
















Three Brits Public House, West End

With such a fantastic location and a busy venue, I expected more.

Service was slow, I actually enquired as to whether they had forgotten our meals.

I chose the cocktail the waitress recommended and was highly disappointed. It looked cute but tasted like off cider.

I ordered the special salad of the day – trout with asparagus and greens. There was barely a fillet of trout, just three little morsels and the dressing was over bearing.

Shame, but perhaps I caught them on an off day.



Three Brits Public House on Urbanspoon

The Bench, Penticton

Such a quaint little cafe with a beautiful outdoor patio, fantastic food and funky gifts.

Merica and I shared our meals, the bacon & egger and the yogurt with granola – both were delicious. I actually expected the bacon & egger to just be normal bacon and eggs so I had a surprise when they bought out an english muffin!

I also got a yummy take away almond cherry & chocolate cookie mmm

Cute place to brunch in the sun.







The Bench Market on Urbanspoon

Olympia, West End

After a huge stroll around the beautiful downtown Vancouver area we were craving a cheese and Oliver platter.

Finding Olympia in West End had a plate similar to what we wanted we settled in.

We ordered the feta and olives plate and the tzatziki plate with a cocktail for myself and a Long Island ice tea and Maeghan.

The feta and olives plate was very slap -bang. In that it looked like they’d just chopped up some feta, tomatoes, cucumber and bread then put some olives on it. Only $7 so can’t complain too much I guess.

Tzatziki plate was alright, lots of pita bread. Again only $6.

My Bloody Mary could easily have been a tomato juice and the Long Island ice tea a diet coke.

Average at best!






Olympia Pizza & Pasta on Urbanspoon

Hidden Italian West End Gem

I can’t praise this place enough.

After a huge day moving we decided we were craving Italian. While West End, Vancouver has so many restaurants we hadn’t noticed Italian so headed to Urbanspoon to find one.

Adesso was down Haro, off Denman. We thought we were heading the wrong way until we found a gorgeous little outdoor patio area which was part of the restaurant. It’s unusual for a licensed venue to be in a residential area and they are lucky to have a clause to get them around it.

There is a great ambience, both outside and inside. Inside is decadent, a great place for a date or special dinner. Outside is more casual but still fine dining. We chose outside to enjoy the long daylight hours. Plus it was super cute with the hanging flower baskets and fairy lights.

Our server was very informative and passionate about the food. When we quizzed her as to whether we should get the bruschetta she immediately said no as we get complimentary focaccia and oils to start. She suggested the mushroom pizza, however we went for the margherita and the mussels in white wine and garlic.

The pizza was delicious, fresh and cheesy. The mussels – wow. The broth was amazing and they were cooked to perfection. We couldn’t get enough. Even though I said I’d have no more bread I couldn’t help but have some more with the broth.

I couldn’t decide on a main and asked for suggestions. Our server again was great, full of suggestions and knowledge. I went for the Taglietele Nera – black squid pasta with local ingredients. It was amazing. I ate it all even though I was full.

Susan really enjoyed her pasta as well. She had the clam with fettuccine, she also wanted to unbutton her pants – full to the brim! Or pants hem in this case.

We washed it all down with a carafe of red wine. We started with a glass each, I had prosecco and Susan, the red. We liked hers so much we ordered more.

When I quizzed about whether they had a twitter handle they bought out a card with all their social media links on it. Being from the digital industry I was very impressed and quick to tweet (and now blog) my praise.

A fantastic evening at an amazing restaurant. I will be back soon.


Adesso Bistro on Urbanspoon

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