Sushi Bella – great sashimi

Very cute place, looks more French than Italian or Japanese but still very nice.

A little more expensive too. Although I think they made up for that in the quality.

We shared the tempura prawn, Gyoza, spider roll, beef tataki and tuna & pacific salmon sashimi.

Sashimi is some of the best I’ve had here, it melted in your mouth. So fresh. Spider roll was great too.

Only complaint was the beef tataki came covered in a satay sauce. They called it a sesame mayo but it was definitely peanut buttery! Usually it just comes plain with a citrus spy dipping sauce and fresh ginger and garlic.

All in all I would go back. Especially for the sashimi!



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Komi Sushi Vancouver

I went to Yomo as it was right under the building I was temping in and had nice outdoor seating.

When I walked in they tried to make me sit inside however I asked for outside which they eventually and grudgingly obliged to.

I ordered a sushi and teriyaki plate with salad and miso. It was cheap at $9. Tasted average, nothing to rave about.

I had to ask three different servers for a glass of water and they all looked at me like I was a hassle.

I wanted an unopened can of coke to take back to work which seemed to be the biggest task possible. First guy didn’t understand and the next guy was able to grab it for me.

Hard to get the attention of a server to get the bill… I wouldn’t go back. Cheap and convenient or not.


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The Eatery – sushi with attitude

The Eatery

Awesome venue – it’s dark with black lights to illuminate the crazy hanging statues and wall hangings.

Menu’s are hilarious – quirky little jokes all over them. Not only hilarious but extensive! Pages and pages of Japanese goodness and really reasonable pricing.

We opted to share a heap of sushi with Gyoza and edamame. I remember the San Francisco roll and the erotica roll. Or was it exotica? Either way all four choices were great.

Mojito tasted like a premix but it was cheap. Can’t complain much.

Great atmosphere food and service.

Special thanks to the bucks party next to us for the entertainment!








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Marukame Udon Waikiki – Worth The Wait

What an awesome place!

I decided to find out why the line was sooo long at this udon restaurant (Marukame Udon in Waikiki) last night. I was very pleased I did! Marukame Udon is a build your own bowl restaurant from Japan. They use the best Japanese ingredients and it shows in the flavour.

I planned so that when I arrived I wasn’t too hungry and wouldn’t be impatient waiting in line. I can be pretty impatient (hangry) when I’m hungry and there is ALWAYS a line.

The noodles are definitely worth the wait. I love open kitchens, you can see them hand making the udon. Each bowl is customised however you want in front of you as you go down the line. You start by choosing your size, then the udon, then the broth (kake, curry etc), and finally, the tempura you want to add in.

I chose the Kake udon with two prawn tempura and an eggplant tempura. The total cost was about $9USD.

Oh my was it delicious. I couldn’t even eat half the noodles, they were huge servings (surprise – I’m in America) and the tempura was perfect. It’s a very tasty, affordable meal.

Marukame Udon deserves a line. If you’re ever in Waikiki, make the effort and go there. Be prepared to line up but know it is worth the wait!

** EDIT** I’ve visited a number of times since 2013, most recently in 2018 and there is still a giant line and they are still delicious!


Marukame Udon Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Sushi Nikkou

Good, fast food.

I love soft shell crab sushi, I just grabbed a plate off the train. Was yummy and fresh. I ordered the tempura prawn udon noodle soup, it was delicious. Nice broth and lots of tempura veggies, even though there was only one prawn. Can’t complain too much for around only $8.90 though.

Cash only – I hate cash only. I never carry cash. I even bought the sushi to take me up over the usual $10 mark without realising it was cash only. Had to give them my licence while I went and got money out – while annoying it wouldn’t stop me from going back.

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