Or rather, my Vancouver Anniversary, three months!

Really doesn’t feel like I have been here three months. But then again I have accomplished a fair bit. I got a job, moved once (soon to be twice) and have found some pretty awesome people to surround myself with.

I’ve also travelled around a few places. Which is good as that’s the main reason I moved over here, other than to experience living in a new country that wasn’t Australia or NZ. Which, let’s be honest, are very similar. Funnily enough though, Canada is also very similar.

I’ve been to Lake Louise, Banff, Calgary, Kelowna (x2), Penticton, Portland and Seattle. Two states in Canada and three in USA. So many more to see though!

Whistler is up next weekend. Can’t wait for the first ever Whistler Beer Festival!

Following that I have a trip to Vegas on 17 October. Got tickets to NBA – Yeewwww! Then I want to get to Vancouver Island, Mexico (one of those cheap all inclusive resort deals, hello cocktails on the beach, dancing and hot men), Quebec, Toronto, Montreal, New York (again, yes I love that place), Miami & a cruise (yep, again, can’t beat it) and maybe New Orleans. Prob some other random places thrown in that friends are going to and I get FOMO over. I have huge FOMO. Fear of missing out.

Anyway before I blab on and on about travelling more, back to my Vancouver-iversary. I should really celebrate. But I’m trying to have a quiet weekend. Yup me. Quiet. I know what you’re thinking, and I’m not about to go making any bets that I won’t end up going out. Let’s put it that way.

9 more months left on my visa for Canada, interested to see what’s in store!


SUVs & fake after parties

After a tough day at work we hobbled home and were almost in our room when we heard a guy up the hallway make a rude but hilarious remark that I won’t repeat here but let’s just say it has to do with fires and pussies – not the feline kind. I couldn’t stop laughing then realised I recognised the group, they had performed that night while we were doing media control.

We met them down the bar for a drink and their asshole of a tour manager (and I don’t just say that jokingly, the guy was a mega asshole douche,) was trying to round them up to go to COG House which is where the ‘after party’ was. He invited us but I was quite keen to head to Sapphire – one of the night clubs.

So they left and then we walked out the door to leave and they had the SUV (the bands all have drivers) ready and waiting out the front. The Tour Manager was outside with the door open and yelled ‘hurry up and get in the fucking car girls!’ Who were we to argue? Next minute we are dancing to Metallica on the way to COG House.

Sneaking through the back VIP entrance we were handed a handful of drink tickets and proceeded to spend the evening taking the piss out of all the off-their-face party goers! It can be quite amusing. Asshole ended up softening up to me a little but still such an ass.

Come 2am we are ushered outside as it had closed and back in the SUV’s. We were sharing with one of the guys from Hoodie Allan and two of the guys from Lights. We were all staying at the same hotel and requested to go back there.

At some point Asshole called and asked to go talk to the driver. A moment later we had driven past the hotel. In our relaxed beverage inducer state we presumed we were going for a tiki tour around town.

We weren’t.

We kept asking where we were going and after about 20mins the driver said we were going to an after-after-party. Not where we wanted to go.. We all voiced that nobody in the car wanted to go to it but the driver was adamant that it was the best after-after-party bla bla. So 40mins later we are in the middle of nowhere and there is nobody at the party!

So after all that driving it was all a mistake, there was no party and I was tired and hungry. That means grumpy usually but I was still in a good mood and we danced in the car the whole way back and did a massage train. Proud that I implemented that! I love a goo massage.

So anyway we got McDonald’s – a whole 15min wait on my cheeseburgers and finally got to the hotel at 4am. 2hours later than intended and yup, we had to be up by 8.

Then it all starts again…


Center of Gravity – A blur – Day 2,3

The next two days were all over the place.

Between the media desk and the front of the stage the festival managed to fit my needs. Little to do in the morning – perfect for my hangover recovery then come evening when I was feeling better it was backstage/ front of stage to do media control. Craziness all around you.

Basically you’re a security guard. All that the security at the front of stage do us crowd control. A hugely difficult job – props to them. I had to watch the photographers – they like to take liberties and try sneak backstage and take videos when they’re not allowed. Cheeky little shits.

Each night I went out and had ridiculously crazy nights – there’s a pretty funny story when we went out with one of the bands that I will write another blog bout tomorrow.

I’d wake up a handful of hours later and do it all again!

Tiesto was a highlight though – standing front and centre of his stage during his set was pretty cool.

My fav part of the last night though was dancing with all my team in front of the stage knowing that they’d pulled off a successful weekend and could now all let our hair down.

And let our hair down we did!!

We partied until 5am, multiple shots, cocktails and random beverages consumed, along with the last dozen oysters that Shine had left – Thank you Sonny! They sold out after selling over 700 of them in one weekend. We went out VIP style – town was packed thanks to the final night of the festival.

We got kicked out of the Delta Grand trying to sneak up to the penthouse party. In hindsight, 10 of us waiting in the foyer together for 20mins then attempting to go 2 by 2 to the lift wasn’t all that subtle. In a back corridor waiting for the lift, a security guard came from every direction, including the elevators. Escorted to the front door then back to another nightclub.

I’ve never known a Maccas to run out of food. Ever. We drove around for ages looking for the maccas only to find I would not be getting the cheeseburgers I was craving! I wouldn’t be getting anything at all as they had sold out of food. Three times the usual amount of food was purchased that night.

We drove to Tim Hortons – they were out of food too! It was a catastrophe!! I was starving, it was 5am and nothing was open. I had to go to bed hungry – and I was so hungry!

What a weekend!













Kelowna – Centre of Gravity Day 1

Center of Gravity festival is a massive event in Kelowna, 30,000 people over 3 days, sponsored by Monster Energy. It’s not just music, it’s athletes too. There’s a 16 team basketball competition, beach volley ball, wake boarding, skating, BMXing Moto X etc. Oh and bikini competitions. The company I’m working for is doing the PR for the event.

It’s different to any festival I’ve been to. Mainly because there isn’t a mass of hugely drunk people. It’s not just 18+ and you can only drink in designated areas. Not saying there isn’t any – there’s still lots. Especially at Main Stage.

It’s a massive venue with lots of space, but come evening the main stage and beach stage are both packed.

It’s a ‘beach’ (lake) festival so there’s lots of bikinis and half naked men walking around. Most of the day I’m just checking out guys and what the chicks are wearing!

My day – up and at the site early for a press conference with the Mayor, I was happy to find a table of baked good beside me to keep my tummy grumbling to a minimum!

The moto x riders were doing some mad tricks during it – I felt like I was back in NZ for a second!

Media desk set up was next, basically where the media come to sign in for the event and get their passes. I spent majority of my day there and was happy to get away to the main stage to do media control later in the evening.

Work comes with sweet perks like being right in front of the stage for gigs. Can’t complain!







Working holiday

That’s how in trying to think of it anyway.

Really I’m getting shipped off to a festival to learn PR. It’s a long weekend and I’m not getting paid, it’s just for the experience. All my expenses are looked after though ad it prevents me from spending. And it’s a festival. And I love festivals.

Centre of Gravity is in Kelowna ‘Canada’s biggest beach party.’ I find this hilarious, because there’s no ocean there. It’s not a beach. It’s a lake. Anyway it’s Monster Energy athletes with a bunch of DJs – Tiesto and Kaskade are headlining.

I’m looking forward to learning some new things professionally and soaking up the backstage vibes.

Come at me!


Penticton Road Trip Day 4

The best way to wake up? Swim out to a pontoon in the middle of Okanagan Lake and jump in!

We woke early, headed to a lakeside cafe fror breakfast and then a swim. Hilariously a boat had driven on top of the pier during the night!

Unfortunately it was my last day in Penticton but we did one of my favourite things! Tubing the channel.

$10 gets you a tube hire and bus back. It takes about 2 hours to float down and is completely relaxing. The current is pretty swift, the river is wide and cute ducks come out of the reeds to greet you.

If I went again, I would bring some rope to tie all the tubes together and a bucket of drinks to get the party going on the way down.

Trip home flew by and before we knew it we were back in Vancouver.

Another Road Trip done, now to plan the next one…






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